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    Hey there! I know some of you had problems with starforce, including me, SF ruined my dvd-rom a few months ago so no wonder I've decided to stay away from games that use it. But SH3 is one of my favorite games, probably the most favorite so I looked around for a no cd of some sort, and found nothin’ (and yes, I own the game!) But doing some search on google I have found this and it worked for me! I’m using USA dvd
    Hope it helps some of ya.
    Cheers, Chris.
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    Thanks for the site. Bookmarked it before this thread gets closed.
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    Don't be fooled by this Hack. It bypasses the v1.4b patch but it DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE 1.4B FIXES. It uses the v1.0 crack to run the game and only gives you the extra aircraft and harbour kit from the latest patch. More CTDs happen if you use this Hack and it is not recommended.
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    Tryed it and crashes all the time not worth it trust me.
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    Chris didn't you write me about Starforce???

    Let me know..!
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    I'd rather tolerate SF than download something from that website... and I hate SF!
    I'm the spot on your LCD.
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