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    hey guys, its me again

    This is getting very annoying! Finaly when Id managed to set up the objectives everybody and everything does what I want them to on a flat map I cant add any more objects....trees,totems, are invisible, parts of houses are transparent when I launch the game either from the editor or COJ 2. Is this a bug, or is it me??? Shall I start over or is there a way to copy and paste the whole stuff on a new empty map?

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    I mever had this kind of problem with missing or invisible objects.
    First, i would check the chromed layers in advanced mode.
    (Id never used the layers except to add objects to
    already existing layers and it's deleting objects so i guess you need to create a new layer before to put objects in it).

    To export objects, this tutorial could help but he need an update cause some things aren't well explained:

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    AAAh maaaaan!!!! It happened again! So, so annoying. I just hope Ill be able to follow those looks pretty tough.

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    If you have many objects, don't copy too much objects in the selection, copy the half of the objects.
    And if you have many waypoints, they'll loose their connection with ai or wagons.
    Also you'll need to export your movies but look in the tutorial how to export movies without double movie actors cause they're exported with the movie.
    I suggest you to make a selection of all static objects then make one with all objects related to actionchains, waypoints triggers...

    Ps: i have edited the mp to sp map tutorial by changing things that aren't true and added new details.

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    Hello again

    Well, Ive decided to keep working on my map anyway and would like to hear if its reasonable.
    Here is my problem exactly:

    I started placing AI, sensors, waypoints, objectives and so first, so that I will be able to see where my characters are at certain points of the game development and storyline..... I will modify the tarrain accordingly during the process or later. Then I added some Mountains, trees, brushes........they are all there in the editor, nice and visible. When I launch the game either from the editor or COJ2.exe all those things are there /the AI is interacting with them/ but are invisible except for the terrain changes. Only new /and old/ AIs, horses, wagons are wisible after launch so I can continue working and testing results. I was hoping that I would bump into the solution after a few days but now Im starting to lose faith. If I continue in this manner Will it be possible to fix this somehow, or after exporting selections and files will all the references work? Ive got sensors with 20 and more actions in them lots of changing waypoints. Testing and redefining them would be more difficult than the creation itself. I learned the necessity to create backups the hard way after a few load errors ......but loading any of them doesnt solve the issue. When I create a new map everything works. So how shall I proceed???

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    Murphy in action..........

    Just as I reach the point of utter desperation and hit the green play c.l. icon for the last time.....everything is back after a week of anger and regrets....I cant explain. All I did was to make another backup. So...thanks anyway...Ill probably be back soon. And there goes my credibility

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    I did not understood that your problem was in game only.
    So try to make a selection of some invisible objects and export it to another clean map.
    Then you'll see if it's possible to fix this by exporting the whole map objects like this.

    Otherwise, i don't know where is the problem.

    The only things that can make invisible objects in the editor are: rendering window in toolbar under view, occluders and the main layers drop down list.
    The thing that can make your character invisible ingame is that he have no appear action in the sensor enter or in level start but they won't be on the map, i mean that they won't be present at all, not invisible and if there's no appear action, you can't interact with them.

    Maybe your map.mis or .exp is damaged but you can't fix it without .bak files.

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    On my computer, all objects seems to show correctly.
    like on the joined images.

    Some objects appear when you get closer to them but it's natural.
    When you are too far away from objects, they disappear because the game engine is set to show objects at a certain distance.
    You can change the object visibility or the map settings to increase the distance to hide.
    You can also make hills on the terrain to avoid the player to look too far away and see that some objects are appearing too late.

    But you can see that your problem is not present on the joined images.
    So i guess your game data is corrupted.

    To fix this, i suggest you to:

    first, make a backup of all your maps located in (Disk:\Users\"user"\Documents\Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood\data\mapsextra)

    also (Disk:\Users\"user"\Documents\Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood\data\mapsnet)

    and of your player's profile, located in

    Disk:\Users\"user"\Documents\Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood\Out\profiles.

    Then uninstall both game and chrome editor from your computer.
    Also if you have the dedicated server installed.

    When you uninstall your game or the editor, make sure that you choose to delete all game data and information.

    So once all your files related to call of juarez bib are uninstalled, reinstall your game then the latest patch.
    Then install the editor and put your map backup in

    Disk:\Users\"user"\Documents\Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood\data\mapsextra

    Now all game and editor data is clean.

    Then start chrome editor and before to load the map, click on delete shader cache and delete animation cache then click on open existing map then open your map.

    If this wont fix your problem, i dont know how to.

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    It wooooooooooorks!!!!!

    thanks a drag!!!

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    I'm glad to hear this

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