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    Dec 2001
    who would like Oleg to do a korean war add on "not compatible though" with F.B.?

    Mig 15
    F4U 4
    etc etc
    i think this would rock.

    i hated MIG ALLEY.


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    Senior Member Kuna15's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Me .

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    Jan 2003

    I loved Mig Alley

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    Senior Member neural_dream's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    Nah, boring war

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    Oct 2002
    Id love it.. but I think anything other than BoB should be comaptible with FB.

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    Senior Member ploughman's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    I would dig a pre-missile jet sim.

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    Nov 2002
    yep go for it! i couldn't wait.

    other aircraft would need:
    F-82 Twin Mustang
    RB-50 Superfortress
    AT-6 Texan
    RB-17 Flying Fortress
    B-29 Superfortress

    Some very late yaks.....

    ok i'm gonna do this post right heeheh.

    F-86 Sabres -My personal fav.

    F-86 Sabre. North American. Flown for the first time in October 1947, the Sabre survived many initial teething problems to become the premier USAF fighter of the Korean War. By the end of hostilities, it had shot down 792 MiGs, with a loss of only 76 Sabres-a victory ratio of 10-to-1. The first models to see combat, the F-86A, were powered by a 5,270-pound static thrust General Electric J47 engine. Later models of the F-86 were more powerful and used both for air-to-air and ground support. The RF-86 was used for reconnaissance.

    Major "Mac" McCurdy (310th FS, 58th FG) on a combat mission over North Korea in his aircraft, FS-305. This particular mission called for 2 x 1000 lb. bombs.

    F-80 Shooting Star. Lockheed. The Shooting Star was USAF's first operational jet fighter, making its first flight on Jan. 8, 1944. It operated extensively in Korea in the ground attack role--primarily for low-level rocket, bomb, and napalm attacks on fixed targets--and as the RF-80 reconnaissance airplane. On Nov. 8, 1950, an F-80C flown by USAF Lt. Russell J. Brown shot down a Russian-built MiG-15 in the world's first jet-to-jet air battle. Powered by a 4,600-pound static thrust Allison J33 engine, the F-80 did remarkable work at a variety of tasks in Korea.

    F-84 Thunderjet. Republic. The F-84, first flown on Feb. 28, 1946, arrived in Korea in December 1950. Initially assigned to B-29 escort duties, the F-84s soon gained fame in ground attack operations. Powered by 5,000-pound static thrust Allison J35 engines, the F-84's heavily laden takeoffs from Korean airfields were sometimes augmented by the use of strap-on jet bottles, a process known as JATO--Jet-Assisted Takeoff. F-84s were used to attack enemy airfields and even large targets like irrigation dams. The F-84 gained renown for daily attacks with bombs, rockets, and napalm on enemy railroads, bridges, supply depots, and troop concentrations. While unable to cope with the MiG-15 at high altitude, they were more effective at medium or low altitudes and scored several kills. RF-84s were used for reconnaissance.

    B-26 Invader. Douglas. Originally designated the A-26 Invader, the basic airplane first flew on July 10, 1942. It was redesignated B-26 Invader in 1948. A protracted development period kept it out of combat until 1944. Its performance during the war was exceptional, but after the war it was gradually retired. The B-26 Invaders in Japan proved to be invaluable in the night interdiction role, and it fell to the B-26 to fly the first and the last bombing missions of the Korean War. Powered by Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engines, the Invaders flew some 60,000 sorties and were credited with the destruction of 38,500 vehicles, 3,700 railway cars, and 406 locomotives. The bombers were also used for reconnaissance, as RB-26s.

    B-45 Tornado. North American. The Tornado was the first USAF four-jet bomber, making its first flight on March 17, 1947. North American built a total of 142, including 10 long-range B-45Cs with wingtip fuel tanks and 33 RB-45s configured for high-altitude photoreconnaissance. Though the B-45 was available for combat in Korea, it was the RB-45 reconnaissance version that was used. First flown in April 1950, the RB-45 was powered by four General Electric J47 jet engines of about 6,000 pounds static thrust. The Tornados carried out risky night reconnaissance missions over North Korea. Only a small number were available, and while they were not adequately supported, they did yeoman work.

    RB-36 Peacemaker. Convair. The huge six-engine Peacemaker was also used for strategic reconnaissance. Like the RB-50A, the RB-36 operated out of Yokota with the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron. The XB-36 prototype was first flown on Aug. 8, 1946, and was powered by six Pratt & Whitney R-4360 engines.

    yeah i want a Korean war add on. lol

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    Korean War Add-on would be a dream come true.

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    To be honest a Korean War add-on would be a bit one sided. The F-86 and UN air-power was way too good. From that point of view it'd be a bit dull, everyone'd fly UN.

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    No offence intended but.....

    Not interested at all.

    If this sim is going to have add-ons, let's keep it WWII - preferably 'planes that saw combat. One that screams out at me is the Do-17.

    Hands up who thought I'd say Westland Whirlwind.

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