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    I use french version of EndWar with the last patch and for me, voice recognition has BIG problems with numbers.

    I can pass the voice recognition calibration without the smallest error and can repeat it endlessly the same way. Voice level, in both the game and the PS3 test feature are correct and the feedback of my voice (I can hear in the PS3 test) is of very good in quality. But when playing the game, I have systematic problems with recognition of numbers and exclusively numbers, almost never with other words.

    It seem that the most frequent error is that more the number is high in the unit list ranking, more the recognition become random. I was even able to see sometime, the right number I said coming on the screen for a very short time, but being immediately replaced by a wrong one ?!?!?

    I have also remarked that recognition may work properly, even for numbers, in the beginning of a mission (I use single player "Escarmouche" mode for these tests). But when you start to have a lot of action and many units deployed, numbers recognition start to fail in the way I have described. And, no, it is not because I become stressed. While making such tests, I don't care about the result but only to speak in the same neutral way all the time and see what's happen.

    For me it is now obvious, voice recognition has something wrong, not in the recognition itself, but elsewhere.

    I really hope the dev team can do something about this, because, to my view, this make the game almost unusable.


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    hey ACS, nice to see another french speaker here. i usually play the game in english, but no later than yesterday, i played in french (just to listen my units jokes in french). i play alot of skirmish (escarmouche) now (not good on the assault maps in theater of war at the moment) and to be honest, i have better voice recognition in french than in english. what are the commands that you can't seem to order? i am not a developer or ubi staff, just a player like you; but i'll test and try to help. my psn ID is my forum name: Nidole.

    J'espere pouvoir t'aider. a plus

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    Originally posted by Nidole:
    what are the commands that you can't seem to order?
    As I explained, all command involving "numbers", like:

    "Unité 5" - "attaquer" - "cible 6"

    This one could result in:

    "Unité 1" - "attaquer" - "cible 3"


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    Originally posted by ACSoft:
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Nidole:
    what are the commands that you can't seem to order?
    As I explained, all command involving "numbers", like:

    "Unité 5" - "attaquer" - "cible 6"

    This one could result in:

    "Unité 1" - "attaquer" - "cible 3"

    ACS </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hi again. i was playing the french version a few minutes ago. I played assaut mode in "escarmouche" to have a lot of units before hand, and as I mentionned earlier, I had less problems than in english. there is still the occasional "order not understood" but it occured mainly when I spoke too fast. Now, maybe the patch made a difference. I couldn't download the latest patch (it was removed from their server before I could), so that could be the reason why you are having trouble (speculation). But you can try again and speak maybe less fast and tell me how it works.


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    Maybe your speculation about the removed patch is good. I will try to remove the game and reinstall it without any patches.

    My problem is not coming from the speaking. This is absolutely sure. As I said, I can do the calibration 10 times, without one single error and I speak exactly the same way during the mission.


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    Any success ?

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    No really, behaviors are identical with with 1.00. Therefore, I am again with 1.02.

    Please use "Go->Personal zone->Private messaging"

    You should found there, a private thread in french I have started, for you and me to talk about Endwar.


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    Sorry, I just checked and saw your PM. I replied to you there. I hope some developers can help you with your issue.

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