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    I don't know if this is the place to go but I've been trying to play Rainbow Six Vegas lately online(xbox 360) and every time the game is about to start (after I pick my spawn point) the time in the corner stop, the game freezes, and I get put back into the PEC. Also, sometimes I would still be in the lobby and the game would yet again freeze up and take me back to PEC. Now I don't know if this is due to my router, the game disc, or my xbox but if anyone has ever seen this problem and can help it would be greatly appreciated .

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    did you try matches with green ping?

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    Yeah, that's all I look for. Actually a few minutes after I made this post I was able to play a game. It seems to be happening on and off.

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    umm u might want to go to the vegas 1 forum, and not he vegas 2 forum

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    have you done a system check on your console to see if your NAT is open, moderate or strict? if it is not open it could be your problem with certain hosts, and means your router is either not xbox compatable or you need to portforward the router for xbox live because your firewall is interfering with your connection. if you find this is the case go to and follow the instructions. hope that helps

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