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Thread: Future War gameplay: CQB engagements OR long distance kills - can we have both pleas | Forums

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    What the hell had happen to the gaming industry? from an outsider gamer like myself. My viewpoint is probably because,-- of trends. Why keeping the core gameplay when game companies can band-wagon on a particular trends that's sure to bring in profits at the same time attracts new gamers and fans. So in over time, the intended original gamplay gets passed on and wasted.

    I think that's what happened to Splinter Cell(Conviction). Oh my goodness, i hope i'm wrong.

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    I didn't play Conviction, but I didn't like the mark and execute feature, it was to automated. With the CQC, should be more hands on, instead of watching a fancy cutscene, in the E3 gameplay.
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    Originally posted by Soulid_Snake:
    I didn't play Conviction, but I didn't like the mark and execute feature, it was to automated.
    M&E wasnt for everyone, although many did like it. However it was very much an optional feature and one that could only be used by playing the game with stealth, in short it wasnt automatically available at all times to everyone

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    Remember when EA tried letting you play as taliban?

    tactics such as blending in with civilians...
    Yea... that'll go REAL well. Remember the age-old saying that the player will do whatever you don't want them to do? Say hello to mowing down all the civilians because they all LOOK THE SAME. Genocide has never been so hilarious.

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