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    A function that would add real customisation would be the ability to add the text into signs, signposts, posters etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArrGBee View Post
    A function that would add real customisation would be the ability to add the text into signs, signposts, posters etc
    To build off of that idea there, perhaps a spray can function to create graffiti art.

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    I have some suggestions on the mad editor and gameplay, hopefully it is already or will be on there.

    - Adjust size of objects.

    - Create objects(combine objects into one), then be able to save them to use again.

    - More destructive and moveable objects in gameplay.

    - When making a path or trail give us the option to Auto-flatten for a smooth walk or drive.

    - Options for everything would be nice though.

    - Pick up enemy weapons and swap them with our own. Being able to do so for primary and secondary would be nice.

    - Edit given buildings like holes in walls, open and lock doors, etc.

    - One ****on melee.

    - Jump and grab ledges would be sweet.

    - Create a class.

    Thanks for your time. I'm sure without even half of these things FarCry3 will be epic, Orgasmic lol, and a classic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The3PointBuck View Post
    I want to have massive map sizes, placeable weapons, thicker jungles, more realistic lighting, helicopters, pitch black night time, object physics, customizable game modes, better ladders, water physics, prone, lots of object to chose from, lots of textures, and grass that doest rotate while you turn. The single most greatest thing they could include would be AI!!! They could either defend, patrol, attack, or whatever!! That'll add a whole new awesome dynamic to the game. Make your own single player or coop missions, or just have tdm with AI tryin to kill you too.
    That would be good and if you could customize the bots, like choosing load outs and appearance and skill level, and choosing if they are aggresive or cowardly. You should also be able to place different types like zombies, you could have zombies attacking your team(map editor to make co-op modes would be good) having animals would be good to like having crocadiles or sharks in the water that attack you when you fall in the water, or tigers in the jungle that jump out and attack you.

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    a building maker kind of like the sims would be good. Split screen editing and being able to play on the map in split screen, split screen is always one of the things a look for when buying a game. Bot placement, weapon placement and game mode customization being able to customize loadouts specifically for the map. not necissarily vehicles that can't break or blow up but it doesn't happen so fast. tunnels. different scenery objects. small air vehicles. tools to help make realistic landscapes specifacally mountains. being able to customize the hight of ladders. more vehicles, more weapons.

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    1. Make bigger maps. Map editor maps are 10x smaller than SP map.
    2. Pick a background environment. I would like to see an extra environments that you can add around the your map. You have just one square where you can build stuff and around that, you just have an empty place. For example you pick up mountains (woodland, jungle...), forest or a city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GODZCHEETAH360 View Post

    - Create a class.
    I have to EXTREMELY disagree with this one. It cramped up the Mutilplayer for FC2 because mappers had to gimp their maps due to over abundance of snipers. I say that weapon placement is a better idea because it helps the author of the map control the flow of battle better.

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    here is how I see Far Cry 3's cave editor. I hope its like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DapperHayden View Post
    here is how I see Far Cry 3's cave editor. I hope its like this.
    Nice editor

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    Map Editor

    For the Devs and decision makers:

    Simply that I will not buy my copies if there is no editor-it will be just another FPS without it in my humble opinion. I have 2 PS3's and probably will have a PC online as well.

    Thank you and it looks great!

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