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    Originally Posted by GoldMart Go to original post
    I hope too... but if we read the FAQ :

    I'm disappointed by this. In a map editor, creators don't want to be limited by prefab buildings, they want to create their own buildings !

    they obviusly either don't have time to, or don't have enough memory or disc space for that.
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    Originally Posted by OmfgLAAGGG Go to original post
    they obviusly either don't have time to, or don't have enough memory or disc space for that.
    It's not hard to decompose some buildings in modular pieces. For the memory space, I don't think it's a problem eiher because they said they added more objects than in Far Cry 2.
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    Originally Posted by killa_677 Go to original post
    Being able to connect ladders. That always made me frustrated that you couldn't.
    or even better, being able to select a start and end point for ladders, like terrain ramps!
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    Vehicles in the map editor please.
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    Hi all, just thought I'd bung a few thoughts down as I'm starting to g REALLY psyched for this game!

    Freality Vs Insanity: What's peoples thoughts and aspirations for their own maps, I enjoyed using the 'wilderness generator' as a basis, and then thinking, 'if man settled here, how would they build on and use the local terrain' sort of approach, as imo it gave a very organic feel to land/map development. Ie making a road to have to curve around existing land formation, rather than making a road and then putting land formation around it to give a feel of something organic. With fantasy type maps, none of that matters, and people would just go all out crazy making things that could never exist in reality, where that kind of approach didn't really matter (to an extent)

    For example on map I made was centered around a (broken) massive spider sci-fi vehicle with cray floating platforms. Most maps I would make tho were based on trying to get the little details right to make them look truly natural and organic, I think that's what I'll be aiming for again this time but I'm looking forward to the 'crazy' that some of the incredibly talanted designers threw out last time!

    Vehicles: As probably everyone else, I wish we could put them in, but we have to deal with what we get and it doesn't look like we'll get them. Any word if zip lines will be in? How are we as designers going to recreate that 'grab the diamond and get the hell out of there' moments? Some designers gave us working gates etc, maybe tey or similar can be used to make a 'getaway zone' that doesn't rely on a vehicle, but instead uses environmental features. (basically something like in AC games where th eplayer can run thru gates that close, making it difficult for a pursuer to catch em)

    Explosive items/fire propogation: I made (imho of course ) a map with an incredible feature, a massive barricade dividing a small town, this barricade was littered with ammo dumps, explosive barrels/cannisters etc with gaps for a player to get through quickly at the risk of being spotted and having the whole thing blow up. Of corse there were loads of destructible items in there to really turn on the visual flair, is anything like that going to be possible this time around? I hae a feeling that I read somewhere it won't be. If so, just like the loss of vehicles, our challenge will be How do we create those 'wow' moments? Any of you designers willing to share your ideas?

    Ubipicked: I was very lucky to get one of my maps picked by ubi on FC2, is that system going to be implimented again? It's obviously not the reason we make maps, but it's a nice badge of honour to have, I've also been lucky enough to get a developer pick for a littlebigplanet movie and was named as a 'very important imposter' by the Gotham City Impostor devs, it would be nice to have that target to aim for again, even if I don'[t hit that dizzu height

    Elevators: Massive apologies for forgetting who first came up with that glitch, but it WAS pretty awesome, is there going to be any dev designed moving or raisable platforms etc? Any assets with 'working parts' as it were?

    Anyhoo, I'll stop rambling, this is gonna be a loooong month but I won't make a post that takes a month to read

    Looking forward to see what you geniuses come up with, both in terms of reality based maps, and the more crazy glitches that I KNOW will come!
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    heya champ

    no, this month WON'T go quickly

    been looking forward to this for tooooo long now lol

    didn't mind it being delayed tho, i'm deffo one of those who thinks i'd rather have it working as well as it can than have a rushed product. Time's still gonna drag tho
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    Cmon Ubi, SHOW IT ALREADY!
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    Thank god the SP looks ASTOUNDING because otherwise I'd be very pissed that we don't have any real info on the editor yet. It's the only thing I've wanted them to talk about this entire time and it's the one thing they really haven't talked about at all.
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    Yeah some info about the editor would be very nice. Ubisoft?
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