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    Senior Member Liddabit's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Why are they stripping :-O?


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    1)very simple reason... YOUR in a tin can which every one else call a submarine..

    and air conditioning wasn't a priority to admirals

    sooo i thinks its normal to sweat a little after having a "dooms day for you device" dropped on top of you by a or a few DD's

    2) they might not have seen enough women in a certain amount of time

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    Senior Member capt_frank's Avatar
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    No skin might be worse...


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    Geez Liddabit, what kind of sub are you trying to run there?

    Looks like a reenactment of the Village People's song, "In The Navy"!

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    Whats the one still wearing his shirt got to hide..?

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    Senior Member Kaleun1961's Avatar
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    I feel disappointed: I read this thinking I would see some chipmunks and all that I could see were "Chippendale" models.

    Seriously, after looking at that pic, I can hear the Village People singing, "In the Navy." Geeyahhh, I want to poke out my eyes and eardrums with chopsticks.

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    Liddabit, remember you're married. Control yourself.

    Just kidding.

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    Cape Elizabeth, Maine
    A WWII secret

    Female Submarine skipper first ever assigned to Combat Patrol....

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    Senior Member Liddabit's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    After searching a bit more apparently this means I'm really badly damaged. Which makes sense since I got hit by some bombs from a plane while chasing a tanker :P

    Should I avoid diving at this point and try to limp back to port for repairs? Last time I dived after taking damage but everything repaired I went squish at 100 feet and career over

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