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    I am the forum software that Ubisoft is running and I approve of this message.
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    Poisoned while on a wall

    I got a whole new thing to scream about now. I was just playing wanted in antioch. I heard wispers, spotted my pursuer, and proceeded to scale a wall. He followed me up and My persona froze up just before the top. He caught up to me, but instead of killing me, he dropped back down to the ground. I thought I was free and clear. NOPE! He poisoned me while on the friggin' wall! The message even said that he poisoned me. What kind of crap is that?! If you can't use abilities while climbing, how the hell did he poison me while we were both on a wall? He didnt poison me before I went up the wall, he wasnt nearly closely enough. I didnt even realize he did it until I jumped off into a haystack. WTH?!
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    Sorry, not going to look through 25+ pages to see if this has been mentioned before... Soooo many times, you press the KILL but/ton and your persona TAUNTS instead... Seeing how Taunt has its own dedicated but/ton, why does this even happen? It's particularly annoying if it gets you stunned and/or killed.
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    I'm glad you mentioned this because honestly I've had that happen a lot and I thought I might have screwed up and pressed the wrong but.ton. I'm glad to know I'm not nearly as incompetent as I originally thought. I mean I have bigger than average fingers but I'm not a freakin Sasquatch so I didn't think it was likely that I hit the wrong but.ton.
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    Console: PS3

    Game Type: All

    Issue: Always having orange NAT 2.

    Solution: Changing the MTU value in my router from 1500 to 1472.

    Result: Always green NAT 2
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    Originally Posted by deadly_thought Go to original post ive been experiencing alot of gameplay similar to this since the servers wentdown during the move i actually had just over 3 mins of this kind of footage and its all from one match my editor wouldnt let me puit it all together
    I'm currently having exactly the same issues as this. And it's driving me mad having random characters sweep across the screen or refusing to die when they've been poisoned. I was also poisoned but not killed by it until someone else gave me the final sendoff!

    I'm on xbox with high speed internet which I really can't see any benefit from having. I'm also getting fed up of killing someone ( the animation starts to show the kill) then it cuts & someone else got my kill!

    However, it does make me laugh somewhat when characters (particularly the trickster, the vanguard & the renegade) refuse to be stunned or killed - sidestepping each time & not a smoke bomb in sight.

    From the sound of previous posts there doesn't seem much point reporting it to the Ubi's as things don't appear to improve - but maybe I'm just cynical.
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    Platform: PC
    All game modes
    When you are throwing a throwable ability (knives, smoke, firecracers) and other player pushes/bashes you just as you throw it you will use the ability but nothing will happen. You have just wasted your smoke/knives/fc for nothing. THis is really annoying and has happened to me and all of my friends playing this game on PC, too. Dont know is there a same kind of problem on PS3 or Xbox.
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    2 bugs to report.
    1) My personal templar logo seems to appear and dissappear at random. Well more dissappear then appear. For some reason it won't show all the time and even looks blank on the templar profile at times.
    2) My characters customization seems to reset every time I log off. Back to what it was before I gained my second yellow star. All changes I made since dont seem to stick.

    Both are rather annoying and I can't seem to find a way to fix them. Please help if its something on my end. or fix it if its yours.

    (edit: platform Xbox360, ACR Multiplayer)
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    No mate. It is actually illegal to advertise a product or service and not to fulfil that in New Zealand anyway. Its called the consumers guarantees act here is the link. I am sure that if your not in NZ that the same will apply to your country. This is my first port of call, to state the issue on the appropriate forum or media, then it costs $20 to lodge a small claim and so on. If your unhappy you do actually have rights. People (even big corporations like Ubisoft) are not actually allowed to rip you off.

    Platform PC
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