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    Quote Originally Posted by deadshot_7 View Post
    It's called hot pursuit. It's a perk that makes your detection meter decrease quite a bit slower and therefore gives you the opportunity to run towards your target without haveing the red trianle above your head. Can be annoying. I learned this the hard way, too...Sometimes people just get lucky with their bonuses getting 500+ for a recless/ chase kill.You can contest kills from a many awkward position.This game has a lot to improve. A LOT!
    I think you mean silent hunt, hot persuit makes you move slightly faster while slowing the chase meter, silent hunt slows your detection meter, which doesnt help much since all you have to do is look at R1 the wrong way and it goes off[/QUOTE]

    Ah yeah silent hunt, ofc. It has a surprisigly huge effect on the red traingle appearing really late.

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    Quote Originally Posted by notimeforbs247 View Post

    I'm also getting tired of being killed by players that arent there. I blend into a stationary group, look in a certain direction for a few seconds and see no one approaching, pan the camera just for a second and BAM!, i just got killed by a pursuer that was NOT there one second before, from the direction I was just looking in.

    And, PLEASE explain to me how someone can contest a kill while HIDDEN IN A HAYSTACK!

    I'm tired of getting killed right after spawning. Within 25 total seconds, I got killed by the same player THREE times. I was respawning on the complete opposite side of the map from where I was killed and still got killed by the same pursuer within 6 seconds of respawning!

    I agree with deadshot_7. This is bull!
    What this person said......lots of weird stuff since migration.....

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    I don't know what Silent Hunt is, but it doesn't exist in my copy of ACR. Hot Pursuit does though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeJurm View Post
    Did the first incidence happen to you multiple of times?

    Usually better players behave differently against other better players than against noobs, so they usually try to do a fast sprint forward and kill leaving their targets without time to use smoke/mute. Doing this quite often ends up in a kill just as the target mutes/smokes so from the targets point of view it quite often looks like they got killed trough their smoke or mute or w/e but in reality it was the LAG that made the pursuer look like he killed trough smoke instead of killing just before the smoke hit. Lag doesnt affect nearly as much when no one is running so thats why worse players wont kill you trough a smoke, they rarely do the last second sprint forward for a safe kill. Easiest way to see the lag is when your in a chase sequence or you are in a haybale killing someone who runs by: the kill happens from a very far away!

    The contract system is quite bad, yeah.

    It's called silent hunt. It's a perk that makes your detection meter decrease quite a bit slower and therefore gives you the opportunity to run towards your target without haveing the red trianle above your head. Can be annoying. I learned this the hard way, too...

    Sometimes people just get lucky with their bonuses getting 500+ for a recless/ chase kill.

    You can contest kills from a many awkward position.

    This game has a lot to improve. A LOT!
    I understand the sprint and kill through a smoke bomb. Don't agree with it, but I do understand that that is because the kill radius for a sprint is larger than the effect radius for a smoke bomb. But, thats not what I'm having problems with. I'm talking about dropping smoke before they are in the effect radius, and they CALMLY walk up through my smoke and kill me. Over and over again. Same thing with the mute, after the grid disappears. I don't seem to have this problem with lower level players.

    I don't see what silent hunt has to do with my pursuer not physically being there just before they kill me. I know that it affects the amount of time it takes to trigger a chase. But, when you can see them appear on the screen and have a clear line of sight of them sprinting straight at you from the moment they appear on the screen, thats a problem. I'm talking about them sprinting the entire lenght of the building in venice while in plain sight. It doesn't trigger a chase or put them in high profile mode even at the time they kill me.

    I understand bonuses playing a rile in the kill score, but not when its the same pursuer over and over again killing you in the same fashion. The session starts, they sprint straight at you, kill you, 500 points. Respawn, same pursuer, they sprint straight at you, kill you, 600 points. Respawn, same pursuer, they sprint straight at you, kill you, 400 points. All from the beginning of a fresh session. They sprint the entire session, no variety in their kills. Within 25 seconds of the session starting, they scored 1500 points on the same target using the same reckless kill style for their first three kills of a session. There is something wrong with that. That same session of wanted, that same player had an ending score of 8250 (most from me because my abilities wouldnt work on him), and he was running around constantly. I even tried climbing a wall and dropping a smoke bomb as he came running towards the wall. NOTHING! He ran up to the smoke, through it, up the wall and killed me. Almost seems as though he knew he was untouchable. Now, if all this is caused by lag and perks, the WHOLE game and its servers need to be scrapped and rebuilt from scratch.

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    I was only taking note that this seems to be consistent with higher prestige levels. It may be because the ubi servers favor them more, but that would imply that those players may not be as talented as they think they are. I keep seeing these high prestige players and think, "They got A LOT of time on their hands!" But, if they are given a constant advantage by the servers, they will get high scores and think that the other players just suck. But, because the servers favor them, they level up faster. I was only making a point that seems to happen more with high prestige levels, and that it MAY not have anything to do with their "superior" skill, but it is a notable pattern, nonetheless.

    But, I agree with you that the glitches are unbearable. I too pay for high speed internet for the benefit of the game. Yet, I am utterly disappointed that it does me no good. I keep hearing that ubisoft server negotiate the difference in the latency of the players consoles to reduce the lag experienced by players during the game and make it more playable. Obviously, it doesn't work. There is still ghosting, moon walking, teleporting, etc. going on. Not to mention the lag that it creates (or allows) that is so great that people walk right through your smoke bomb and kill you. I've even executed a kill on a target, the animation started, the cinematic started, then the cinematic exited back to the map and the game "you have been stunned". I was stunned by the player that the cinematic just showed me killing!

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    I am the forum software that Ubisoft is running and I approve of this message.

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    Angry Poisoned while on a wall

    I got a whole new thing to scream about now. I was just playing wanted in antioch. I heard wispers, spotted my pursuer, and proceeded to scale a wall. He followed me up and My persona froze up just before the top. He caught up to me, but instead of killing me, he dropped back down to the ground. I thought I was free and clear. NOPE! He poisoned me while on the friggin' wall! The message even said that he poisoned me. What kind of crap is that?! If you can't use abilities while climbing, how the hell did he poison me while we were both on a wall? He didnt poison me before I went up the wall, he wasnt nearly closely enough. I didnt even realize he did it until I jumped off into a haystack. WTH?!

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    Sorry, not going to look through 25+ pages to see if this has been mentioned before... Soooo many times, you press the KILL but/ton and your persona TAUNTS instead... Seeing how Taunt has its own dedicated but/ton, why does this even happen? It's particularly annoying if it gets you stunned and/or killed.

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    I'm glad you mentioned this because honestly I've had that happen a lot and I thought I might have screwed up and pressed the wrong but.ton. I'm glad to know I'm not nearly as incompetent as I originally thought. I mean I have bigger than average fingers but I'm not a freakin Sasquatch so I didn't think it was likely that I hit the wrong but.ton.

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    Console: PS3

    Game Type: All

    Issue: Always having orange NAT 2.

    Solution: Changing the MTU value in my router from 1500 to 1472.

    Result: Always green NAT 2

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