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    The next thing we saw was a futuristic interface with a gentleman having woken up in a Matrix like 'simulation' setting, revealing something about the story presently unknown.

    I really REALLY don't like the sound of this. Jade Raymond went on and on about telling real stories and basing the game on historical fact and I totally agreed. I hope they keep it 12th century. I love games with horses, bows and swords.. they're the kind of books I read and I really hope they don't lessen the impact of this by sticking a futuristic level in there. Still if the gameplay is good I won't complain too much. I just hope there won't be guns and stuff if there is a futuristic level.
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    I agree. I hope they keep the historical setting instead of mixing with futuristic angle.
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    sorry so very sorry
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    Well....... I guess that Corey May proved them so very wrong..... On another note, there are a couple of features that were mentioned in the first post that weren't in the final game, for example the NPC's helping the guards or remembering when you did something bad to them.
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    @itsame , please don't thread bump espeically if they're 4 years old
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    why dont they just close old threads??? instead of telling people not to bump them
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