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    It seems that due to our ever-expanding technology environment and lack of new patches for the Settlers III community, we are losing players at a ghastly rate!

    Below is a simple how-to guide for the Settlers 3 die-hards

    Using a router with Settlers III:

    You must first forward Microsoft Direct X Play ports to your local LAN address.
    These ports are: 47624 TCP and 2300-2400 TCP/UDP (both)
    The lobby chat ports are: 3343-3400 UDP
    Port Triggering is the same (or using a proxy server) If your router doesn't support forwarding.


    In your router you may be familiar with the DMZ. Basically this just means "Forward all ports to a specific IP address".
    This is not necessary to play Settlers 3 online, so you can leave this unchecked.


    Sometimes this can automatically configure ports in your router, but I would suggest turning this feature off as it can conflict with your manual port set-up.

    Dropping while chatting with >20 people in lobby:

    The issue is down to Windows Internet Control Message Protocol broadcasting IP addresses across the WAN.
    Okay, sounds confusing? There's a very simple fix, but can only be applied to Windows XP Professional 32bit/64bit & Vista Ultimate 32bit/64bit at present.
    There is currently no fix for XP Home or Vista Basic.
    My guide for the fix can be downloaded here: Lobby Fix

    Not seeing any chat in the lobby?

    This will be down to ports.
    Make sure your Windows Firewall is turned off, and the correct ports are forwarded to your router.
    Note: XP Firewall is pointless if using a router. This is because your router is the firewall.
    To turn your XP/Vista Firewall off: Go into Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (XP), Windows Firewall (Vista) > [Right Click] > Properties > Startup type: Disabled > Service Status [Click Stop]
    Any third party firewall such as Norton-Internet Security will also block ports to the Lobby Server.

    Windows XP 32bit/64bit:

    Settlers III works fine with Windows XP SP3 32bit/64bit (tested). The patch can be downloaded here: XP/Vista/7 Settlers III Patch

    Windows Vista 32bit/64bit:

    Settlers III works fine with Windows Vista SP2 32bit/64bit (tested). The patch can be downloaded here: XP/Vista/7 Settlers III Patch

    Windows 7 RC 32bit/64bit:

    Settlers III works fine with Windows 7 RC 32bit/64bit (tested). The patch can be downloaded here: XP/Vista/7 Settlers III Patch

    Note: If you've installed the game from the Settlers 3 Gold Edtion, then you will need to run the FileConvert program once you've copied across the new S3.exe patch. For users that install the seprate disks, then you'll not need to run the FileConvert program.
    FileConvert.exe can be located in your Settlers III installation directory!

    Unable to join games:

    Again, this will be down to ports in your router.

    Unable to make the "Red" button turn green, or unable to see other users turn their button green:

    This is down to synchronisation between the Lobby and client PC's.
    Try hosting with a different host.

    Quest Of The Amazons ISO Download:

    QOTA Download (You will need a genuine serial key to play it online!)

    Settlers III Mission CD ISO Download:

    Settlers III Mission CD

    Lobby Down?:

    Log on to the alternative Lobby Server: Settlers III aLobby

    Still got problems? E-mail me on: and I'll be more than happy to help.

    Ian Harris
    Settlers III
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    Hi Ian,

    I know you posted this ages ago

    I used to play settlers3 a lot until i got xp and it wouldn't work. I have it working on XP now, but i have a router and it wont let me play. I can connect to the lobby and see the chat. I can play lan on my network , but i'm buggered if i can join a game online.

    I can see by your instructions i need to open a port on my router. but i cant figure it out.. i have a 3com office connect adsl wireless router if that helps you know how to do it. Also added you to msn (look for dude)
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    Yep - It's slightly fiddily to say the least. We talked, did we sort it? If you're able to configure your router, you should be good to go. However I can do it for you over Remote-Assistance through MSN if you wish. Cheers!
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    For anyone that needs help Via e-mail - my E-mail address is:
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    Well Ian Harris I've got the same problem which Assimilate69 have, and I've tried all I can with ports and that stuff but I still can't make Settlers 3 work online. I would really appreciate you helping me out. I've added you on MSN with both your e-mail adresses, but I haven't seen you on MSN anyway. If you would plz add me

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    Sorted.. no problem.

    Can people please please please make sure that Windows Firewall is turned OFF - Otherwise you will not be able to join games or see chat in the lobby Server on Settlers 3.

    Thanks a lot !

    Ian Harris.
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    The way I like to turn Windows Firewall off (So it's permanently off) is to:

    Click Start >
    Run >
    Type: services.msc [press Enter]
    Scroll down to Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing and right click it > Click on Properties.

    Select 'Startup type' to DISABLED and then click stop.

    Repeat the same Process for Security Centre about halfway up that page as it is not required.

    Note: This only works in Windows XP SP1/SP2.
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    IanHarris, thanks for all your help
    you helped me play S3 on LAN with my brother and also over the internet!

    thanks again
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    Updated Links
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