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    Hi there,

    Not sure where to proceed. Finished memory block 3 with every task completed, same for memory block 2. Memory block 4 still remains unlocked, and I can only play Memory block 3 from the start if I try.

    Any ideas what to do from here?

    Thanks for your help.
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    When in the Animus are you selecting the continue from last location option or the blocks themselves? Because you should be selecting to continue.

    If you are then there must be something you're missing in the Desmond section you just played, try going to bed.
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    Worth a shot, I'll give it a go in a sec and report back.

    Thanks friend.
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    Nope, 'Continue' is not highlightable.

    All previous missions are completed fully - All viewpoints and additional things.

    I don't have any option to sleep, only option I have is to start again in the missions - When I select memory 3 for example, it brings me right back to the start of it.

    Any other ideas gents?
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    You must be missing something in the Desmond section still, have you stolen Vic's pen and usede Lucy's computer? Try doing those and talk to Lucy till she won't talk to you anymore.
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    go to bed... literally... take desmond to the bedroom and click the bed.
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    Im having the exact same problem as theeconomist. I think this part of the game is bugged, because I cannot continue due to the lack of indicators on the radar. I am unable to find necessary objectives required to continue.
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