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Thread: EW: TOW Tournament | Forums

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    I pride myself on killing BLOS Tanks, and making JSF dashboard for them, just as most JSF do. Its a shame you value them so much that you have to dash to keep that advantage. The truth is BLOS would never be an issue, if you just let them die a natural death like we do our T-100 Ogre. However, since most JSF dash to save them it does make it a bit of an issue, because they come out game after game regardless of how many times you try to eliminate them from the mix. My deffinition of a "Big Boy" in Endwar is not someone who needs to dash to preserve units to maintain an advantage they otherwise would not have.

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    @ Eagle_Eye, BTW you were not around playing endwar when the Bazooka clan was in its hay day, Last_Baz., Knight_Baz., and WeedBaz. are some of the only Bazooka players that still use their accounts. There are over 24 Bazooka members but most do not play their accounts anymore. The reason for this is that we did so much killing, and won so many games as a Clan that we had to stop playing our accounts as most in Endwar were affraid to face us, or could not muster a force good enough to compete. This might be a calling for l3_I_G_Bazooka and the rest of his squad to come out and play again.

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    @ WeedBazooka, maybe you would consider comming around, and teaming up for a Bazooka reunion some day. I would be more than happy to put the Bazooka Clan revitalization act into play. It could be fun, and maybe we could meet up against Little Skittles, now wouldnt that be fun?

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    Ill be waiting...

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    I said that, because its true.

    I can know it because i played my last 1200 games there and i listen to the people i play.

    I played every faction and it really dont matter if u play EU/RU or JSF because 95% of the people i played have an excuse for losing. And not only euro's and russians. Every faction can have an reason to cry. Thats EW.

    Endwar is not only about owning with JSF. Its about owning with every faction. Every faction has his own strength and weaknesses. Thats why everybody has to show their skill on every faction if u want an real, recognized champion by the whole community.

    I believe EW is about adapting to strength and weaknesses. Adapting to starting strategies, adapting to their deployed units. For me the magic word is ADAPT. The best is an kameleon.

    I think nobody is interested in an tournament. Nobody wants a real champ because then its final and the ongoing discussion about who is the best will come to an end. People wants to discuss this topic every time. They dont want the final conclusion. Its a virus. After such an tournament it will be done.

    I see every time i check on the forum a post on this topic u made. But how many people said they were ready for an tournament. Not much! I guess the animo for an tournament isn't that high.

    At this point we talking about BLOSS tanks which has been done for over one million times. So we are drifting away from the main topic. But i keep my mouth shut for now. Need to eat.

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    I back u up skittle lol

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    I remember putting the smackdown on a few bazooka

    Until someone actually puts a tournament together then this is just another useless post. When PSN comes back up , skittles you will need to send tourny invitations to everyone. then start creating brackets.
    2 games euro vs russia each person takes turn as russia and as euro. If games are split tiebreaker goes to whoever has the larger 2 game total in defeats(of units) . Make it a round robin(lose 3 series and your out)

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    Im no elite player, but I can lay claim to playing with all three factions. I was JSF when I started, like most NOOBS are when they start. But I felt the calling of the force, the dark side beconed, and I answered the call. During my stint as a Russian I played 2 complete wars with Euro, Rockin_U1 is my handle over there. And I proved myself a worthy Euro player playing with many of the top Euro players at the time. I still do not consider myself elite, and never will, because I am not, but I deffinatly consider myself above Average, and maybe even an Expert, but not Elite. So there you go I ranked myself for everyone, as I dont want to give anyone the impression that I think im Elite.

    P.S. Im always down for a tournament, but im too lazy to have anything to do with aranging one, I handle the sigs, and you guys handle the tournament, when its arranged I will bring Russian players to the field to fight, as I am Russias 1st General!! LOL

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    lol skittles as many times as i destroyed you and you dashboarded lol. And i dont remember EVER getting smacked down. Thats crazy. I remember people dashboarding and the last time i played against someone, they were playing on rondane with full supports, killing a few units then evacting with a loss because they got scared. Watch yourself now, I like putting people in their place!

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    Sorry i made a little typo, my Euro handle is Rockin-U1, made a little mistake there. I would actually like to play Euro again, but I have a hard time getting my good Endwar friends to follow me over there. I would not be happy over there if I didint have any of my friends playing on a regular basis. Plus I like to start at the very beginning of a war and play till the end of the war before switching factions again. Irontom! Let go of Russia my friend, follow me to Euro some day! I know you are the last true Russian, and nothing will change that, even if you switch for one war, somtimes its time for change, plus just imagine how many games we could get, less waiting4 games!!

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