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    Right now the vote is 6-6. Ill give it a few more days or until server is up. mb there will be more votes or input by then. If we cant get most or all of the elite players to play that would be disappointing.

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    im going theater all the way...if you dudes wanna do skirmish you might as well make your own thread right? lol

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    threres too much skittling and lolly-popping about lol. wel meat up in tow i dare say

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    Originally posted by VR-Homicide2010:
    I will sign in as VR-HOMICIDE and Bassy_J in the 2vs2 tournament. I will enter also the 1vs1 tournament and also the 4v4 with BJ and Boots. The 4th PU$$Y i dont know who that is. This place can be bought with weed or any drugs which get me high or PU$$Y.

    HAHAHAHA vr maybe i can mail you some weed from the midwest!!! 2 bad i cant be on your team remember the "KING" dont lose just like u we are only 2 guys with 100 or less losses...we gotta stick together LMFAO!!

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    yeah m8 i dot a little pu$$y here if u want it. dont forget , a pu$$y is fot life not just for endwar LOL . your not getting my smoke as its my medication and i need it to keep the demons away

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    Results (13 votes counted so far):
    Are you in favor of a Theater of War Tournament or Skirmish?
    7 (54%)
    6 (46%)

    ok i say its official it should be in the theater noww...according to the first 13 votes because you dudes are taking forever to make your minds up...if not ima begin entering teams in 2 dayz...homicides team will b first i will not have my team official until the 6th day after PSN goes back up so im open for invitation...start making your teams now the teams should be official 7 days after psn goes up...

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    if this tournament is TOW count me in.

    Me an KING-Z we have russian and jsf accounts so we can go play VS anyone as long ss we dont have to be euro.......

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    There may be a few players who dont use the forum that will play.

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    im accepting team request for the 2v2's an 4v4 's so if you have a team just say so an ill enter you!! skittlenlolipop is my PSN so you could also message me if you wanna enter and don't have a ubisoft acct...

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    by the way homicide...i think the team you made is gonna scare them all away...i bet it will be a while til those spetsnaz finally work up the balls to enter in this tournament against that team...

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