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    Lot's of SS's, Thank God for bulk loader. Took almost 45 minutes to DL these..why I ate , so hope you enjoy it.

    I had just led a terrible patrol into the SOJ, where we were bombed in shallow water and damaged. I decide to head home, but get a report of a large convoy coming through my favorite hunting ground..Formosa.

    At 34% damage, plenty of torps I go in. Planes are just terrible, showing large groups of 8 planes with radar. Convoy hugging the coast. Mostly M18's, but I think I'll take a long range shot at 3000 yards. Sea's are calm, depth about 200 ft. Take a radar sweep and detect planes and go back down to 100ft..BOOM, I get hit. Damage reports coming in from all compartments. Men are wounded and dead. (Cussing Ducimas considerably)

    I forget the attack and far enough to get away from the dd's, but I'm sinking and must come up. Get hit by another plane as I start to surface, My three top gunners, all Officers are killed, Lt. Wernher, Ensign nohunt and Lt. Tambor. Boat over 70% damage. Lucky we make it through one more attack and darkness comes. We limp home to Subic Bay.

    I get many "detecting radars", thinking no big deal, lot's of US planes about I'm sure. About 20 miles from Subic I get a "Planes Spotted." WTF, Jap planes are attacking Subic in mass. I dive, but still going down, blow tanks and surface. Radar shows large plane groups over Subic attacking. Count 24 planes in the first group, but the attack went on from dusk until almost 10PM. We didn't expect, nor did we need this a few miles from home. Don't recall japs pulling this off in real life, so will have to search it later.

    Bomb hitting starboard as one plane is downed.

    Jap commits suicide, hits ship and see the plane going under


    Like the plane shadow.....

    Near miss...

    Sun is setting over the mountain on one side, full moon coming up on the other. I rush into Subic, wanting cover of the ships.."yea, I could've docked, but didn't want to miss the action". Got in several fights with planes, but got through.

    PT boat coming to our aid, plane in background attacking. PT boat even shot one plane down later.

    US ships opening fire

    I enter the bay as ships search and fight it out with jap planes

    Wounded and dying on deck, praying to set feet on dry ground.

    Pull away from the dd's near shore to let out the wounded...The dead are frozen in cold storage. We sell them to some locals, guess for fish bait.

    I'm too ashamed to say what happened next, but it wasn't fair.............

    Got about 50 more, but that should be enough to overwhelm ya and got to save a few of the better ones for the next SS contest.

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    Not going to put these in sequence, but some of my better shots...


    Have several nice mountain ones, here's one..


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    Those are awesome SS. I remember during my first career, sometime in mid 42, I was passing through the slots about 120nm ESE of Rabaul in broad daylight. A formation of Bettys passed nearby on their way to bomb Guadalcanal. I went to battlestations but the planes never deviated from their course to attack me. They never came into range for my AA guns so I never got a shot at them. They had to have seen me, I mean, within 6000yds.

    Anyway, very nice picture story Wolfe. Nice screenies of the LSTs. I haven't come across them yet in this game.

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    I can tell some difference with my new video card, but sometimes I get some purple looking clouds that I hate. I've played with video settings and can't get rid of them.

    I''ve got a total career SS story I've been putting you think this is overdoing it...haha. Course I'm making movies now, almost got my first one ready to release.

    I think the sky mod and real env help, plus several reflection mods with a little home tweaking.

    My daughter knows how I like pictures. She gave me 3 nice sub pictures...Then I realized she had done some editing with something, made them look like oils..They were my SS's. She printed them on nice photopaper, enlarged and framed them and they look as good as anything you can buy.

    Anyway, when you're laid up bored gotta have something to do.......

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    cool SS's

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    Cool that is really neat.

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    Cool pics, MWolfe.

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    No disrespect intended, SIR..!! But I'll have to ask for a transfer if 'n when I'm assigned to your boat again.... here you go getting me killed TWICE in your infamous campaigns.....

    ...NO MORE...!!!

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    Let's see, you were a POW that finally lived and just now died....but hard keeping up with all the times I've killed you. Let's just say we thought you were dead so I can continue your story.....Least I got you away from that 72 year old..hoe....can't even remember what thread that was.

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    "Least I got you away from that 72 year old..hoe....can't even remember what thread that was."

    Thank the Lord for small favours.....I think it was in the Rabaul thread where my dubious exploits began....

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