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    Yes i have played every FC on console since the first one on the xbox, i was ranked 2nd all time on FC evolution for the xbox and have been a member of the legendary oSo clan since before FC2. My old tags were M16 IIIBig TIII FORCE FCM HS HEADSHOT FCM xSadistic Mystx lvl SixP4ck and of course oSo xF0RC3x.. also i currently have another tag called FORCE DADDY, in which i still have over 3.0 k/D

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL593 View Post
    Hi all.
    Im still here and wish people would still make some new sp maps for the first Far Cry.
    I have some sp maps that you may not have. Send me a PM and let me know what all you have and I'll hook you up with any you don't have.

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    The good old days..i think I took some of these screenshots 50 years ago today!

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    Just discovered something new (for me) about FC:
    In the very beginning of the game, on the first big base with towers, there is a mercenary wearing a hat, like Crow. If you engage him in battle, it’s impossible to kill him, he’s immortal.

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    I haven't been here in years LOL, but just to play the best game ever made I will pull Far Cry out of my game archives and replay it.

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