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    We€re getting all geared up for E3, and packing our bags. The Game Informer jet will be packed to the brim with the new June issue of Game Informer Magazine which will be available to show-goers at the Los Angeles convention center. To nab your complimentary copy swing by the West Hall.

    But you just want to know what€s on the cover€¦don€t you?

    Game Informer€s June issue has the World Exclusive first look of Ubisoft Montreal€s Assassin€s Creed for the PlayStation 3! The Prince of Persia team switches gears a bit and creates an open world game that takes gamers back into the Third Crusade as an operative of the original Assassins. We€ve played it, and we give you all the details€¦.

    Plus the GI crew gives you the first word on Indiana Jones€ next-gen adventures, and we rock out with Guitar Hero 2! C€mon baby, throw them horns up!

    While the peeps not attending E3 will have to wait a little bit to get their issues, we feel your pain. Well, actually we don€t€¦we€ve got the issue in our hands now. But at any rate, we don€t want you to beat up your postman in anticipation. So we€re giving you a little gift early. Game Informer is proud to present the first two in-game PlayStation 3 Assassin€s Creed shots ever available. Who said we didn€t love you?

    We€ll see you at E3€¦.

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    Zopages is this game coming to 360 or not. damn it just spill it. why dont you just say its NOT coming to 360
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    No one knows yet. Moderators don't get more info than the rest of you if that's what you were hoping for.
    Guess we'll have to wait for E3, they might announce it there.
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    I really dont know... For now this will be only showcased for the PS3 at E3.

    The game is being made in mind of the PS3, so that's why it is being so much hailed as a PS3 game. As for coming on other platforms, we really don't know.

    Thanks FCY.

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    The images look amazing... thanks for posting them here.

    I can't wait for E3 anymore. I am looking forward to see more videos of this game and of Gothic 3.
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    This really looks like Warrior Within Oo...
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    awsome... graphics man
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    It looks like it is going to be a beautiful game. Hopefully there will be locations with enough time to stop and admire the scenery without getting yourself killed.
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    Those pics look so good. I have a feeling that Assassians Creed will be for Multiple consoles.

    The enviroments look good ,ann with polish they will look breathtaking. I can't wait for this new combat system too.

    One thing I find kinda strange is why would Altair wear a white costume when killing people? If he was an assassian it would appear he would wear darker clothing ,but that is just my opinion. Other than that it looks very good ,and the white costume looks good too.

    I found this pic ,and I can indentify where it is. I got off from Tristan's link he found.

    That Appears to be Petra in Jordan.
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    Originally posted by Alytian:
    It looks like it is going to be a beautiful game. Hopefully there will be locations with enough time to stop and admire the scenery without getting yourself killed.
    I know what you mean, the 3rd screenshot shows how good the scenery is. I wouldnt mind stopping to look at it.
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