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    Do you have a YouTube Channel? Love making video's to show off your awesomeness to everyone? Want to share your kill moments?
    Well this is the place to do it!

    Please make sure that all of links follow the Guidelines.
    All other Topic's will be locked. This thread is not for name and shame usage, if you suspect anyone of cheating or foul play - please use the console reporting tools.

    If you are playing AC Brotherhood please post your video's here-
    Official Multiplayer Video Thread- ACB

    Thanks and happy Assassinating!
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    I have a channel, that I just started.
    Videos will come.
    Take a visit for some ACR videos

    - Cyan
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    Awesome, I look forward to posting a whole bunch of ACR Videos. Deathmatch is next for me... just needed that 2 in the star next to my name first (The Count's Axe is too much fun).
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    Wanted on Souk, pretty average game but I am still getting used to ACR!

    Wanted - Souk
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    A pretty much average 9k run DM but with some funny glitched moments and with EV. Ill upload some more soon.
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    Could someone please include the matchmaking process in their video? It's not fun to watch I know but it'll probably be a valuable troubleshooting tool seeing how many games you can find and how long it takes to join etc.
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    First Assassinate match ever, I go over ACB to ACR assassinate changes. Enjoy!
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    Highest Multiplayer Kill possible on my youtube channel, themightyastlan. Check it out
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    My Return To Venice on AC Revelations

    11k Assassinate as the Jester, I also talk about what I love in Revelations and only a few flaws that I think should be changed

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