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    good luck ! glad to see a couple more pc clans out there even if they are small
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    Hey guys, my former clan (Borgia Rejects) just disbanded on me and, after a bit of debate with myself, I decided to join to this one. I don't know if many of you are familiar with me (particularly on the PS3 side) but my PSN is InsertFunnyHere. Most people have come across me in games. My highest rank for ACB at one point was 27 overall. I only play ACB. I don't know how often you guys update your members list, but judging your current list right now I think I could be a great addition. Thanks a bunch in advance, hope I can have fun in this clan
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    What? Borgia Rejects disbanded? D: Bliss is my friend, and I never heard of this. But you're free to join this, however the problem is the inactivity due to personal issues. If you can deal with random unnoticed match requests, then come. I'm on the PS3 side and we are indeed in need of growing. Just fill out the application form at the front.
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    Here are some pics of the Count that I wanted for a sig:,NsQCu,u9lZL,MPhLf,ONxOS

    There are several images, so whichever one you think would be coolest, is fine with me.
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    Thanks a bunch man I don't mind the inactivity, at least it's SOME activity :P

    Age: 18

    PSN: InsertFunnyHere

    Have you played Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer? If so, what was your rank/level when you last played?: I've been level 50 for ages, as well as grand master rank. I was number 27 overall in the leaderboards at one point, as previously stated lol :P

    Are you educated of everything in Assassin's Creed? From Altair's life to Ezio's and up to Desmond's?: lol nope, I mostly play AC for the multiplayer and the missions where I can go "GOD DAMMIT WHEN AM I GOING TO GET TO KILL SOMEONE NEXT" and couldn't care less about the storyline. That's how I am with all games.

    Favorite Mode(s) [List Up to 3]: Wanted, Assassinate, Alliance. I am primarily a wanted player and play wanted 99% of the time.

    Are you in need of a Teacher /or/ Do you want to be a Teacher? [Yes/No]: I think to teach people how to play the game like I do sounds like a great idea I've got a lot of different tips and tricks and I feel like I can help some of you out, as long as the Brotherhood servers stay up.

    Microphone Availability [Needed for team modes and/or meetings; Skype is acceptable]: I have a mic, but I haven't used it in ages. Naturally, that makes me eventually look really hard for it when I need it just to realize that I lost it, lol.

    Do you adhere to the code of keeping any private information to yourself? Do you agree to never flaming any member of this Military Clan or any other member in the AC Community? Do you agree to refrain from profanity/Plagiarism? Are you willing to commit your life on the line in a time of war for the Revolution?
    If be true, then I, [InsertFunnyHere], do willingly wish to sign up for the Revolution Templar military and commit to a time of hell and fun.
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    @Fall: Thanks! I will use this image once I get a proper photoshop, my trial already expirer D: but has soon has I got it i will work on yours and Elite one C:
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    Hello D: is someone still alive in here?
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    I'm still alive, at least I think I am...

    I played a few rounds of multiplayer today, today was the first time in like 4 days that I've actually turned on my Ps3. School just started and I work 40 hours/week.

    And thanks for adding me again, RBD0 =D
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    n00bfi_97's Avatar Senior Member
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    Spain, Madrid (for now)
    Bumping another clan's thread so that this community doesn't die.
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    the PSN is down for maintanance for the day -.-
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