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    Revolutionary✠Templars [RECRUITING OPEN FOR ALL SYSTEMS]

    Every Change Comes With A Revolution

    Signature (c) RBD0

    Recruiting / Discussion Thread

    PlayStation 3
    XBOX 360

    "A Templar Knight never fears death, so long as its lessons are put to good use."

    Templar Knights of the Revolutionary War

    "Greetings Agent, I see you have chosen to come visit the Revolutionary path instead of our neighboring clans: Borgia Rejects, Happy Turrets and Outcast Templars. Three VERY dedicated and disciplined clans, yes. Why...We Revolutionary Templars just feel we are like little siblings to them...But if you insist in joining this instead, then I must warn you of what is coming your way ...What is it you say? Well, I'll let you find that out yourself."



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    DATA CORRUPTED* -------








    Greetings fellow Templars. We accept all kinds of players that are anywhere from Pro players to Novices. We are willing to help those develop new skills. We also do private lobbies whenever one requests to play with us. The Revolutionary Templars are friendly and laid back members, willing to join your requested lobbies and kind enough to invite you to their own match. The RT Clan is a non-Competitive group, meaning we kill to enjoy. Please, feel free to browse around and chat, and even apply if you're interested.
    Viva I Templari!


    Revolutionary Ranks

    Revolutionary Templars are free to choose which 'Rank' [aka Titles/Alias of their Persona] they wish to use.

    And yes, you will have the ability to choose your favorite Persona. Duplicates are allowed, just no 'twin' customs.



    -We accept all players from the PS3, Xbox 360 AND PC.

    -Respect everyone in the group

    -We don't accept Templars who:

    ✠Runs; Those who just run around the map during the whole session, with no reason whatsoever. [Reckless Runners/'One-Fitty Pointers']
    ✠Guns; Those who just use the gun all the time, even if they are within 10 feet away from you [Only permitted if your Pursuer is constantly on the Roof].
    ✠Roofs; Those who just roof around, or just kill you by the roof constantly. However, the rules do apply mostly to AC: Brotherhood. Revelations might be an exception due to some knowledge of gameplays where tons of Running and Roofing do occur a lot.

    Remember! The Leaders CAN and WILL ban/kick anyone they find relentless!



    -New Teacher/Assistant title available! If you're interest and is devoted in helping new players, please say so in the submission requirements below. Or if you need a teacher, that is also available; ALSO PLEASE NOTE THAT BEFORE WE LET ANYONE IN, AN INITIATION TEST HAS TO BE DONE. Any one of the loyal R+T Leaders will test your playing abilities one on one or in a team mode game to prove you adhere to our rules. Reply below or PM me with the following below:


    If you are applying for the 360 side, please send your application to DeckedMoth.
    If applying for the PS3, please send to PurelyInfected.
    PC members will have to be verified to test with one of the PC players over a live streaming, so send the application to either one of the Leaders.

    Age [We don't accept anyone under 13. I'm sorry but it has to be done.]:

    PS3, 360 and/or PC Gamertags:

    Have you played Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer? If so, what was your rank/level when you last played?:

    Are you educated of everything in Assassin's Creed? From Altair's life to Ezio's and up to Desmond's?:

    Favorite Mode(s)
    [List Up to 3]:

    Are you in need of a Teacher /or/ Do you want to be a Teacher? [Yes/No]:

    Microphone Availability [Needed for team modes and/or meetings; Skype is acceptable]:

    Do you adhere to the code of keeping any private information to yourself? Do you agree to never flame or harass any member of this Clan or any other member in the AC Community? Do you agree to refrain from any gossip? Are you willing to commit your life on the line in a time of war for the Revolution?
    If be true, then I, [Insert name here], do willingly wish to sign up for the Revolution Templar military and give my life to the Leaders and my comrades as well.

    The Revolutionary Templars

    [Anyone bolded in RED are appointed willing Teachers/Assistant/Commander.]

    PlayStation 3 Members [By PSN IDs]:
    .PurelyInfected the Clumsy [Leader of the PS3 side]
    .RBD0 [Co-Leader of the PS3 side]

    XBOX 360 Members [By Gamertags]:

    .VaR1a Du5K the Lone Wolf [Leader of the 360 side]
    .The Technophile

    PC Members [By ID]:



    Revolution Generals

    These are the Leaders you MUST respect! For they have taken their time to actually get this whole Clan brought up and started.

    .VaR1a Du5K [aka DeckedMoth30]



    Work.In.Progress // Under Construction


    Official Network Page

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    Good Luck.
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    Originally posted by Chronomancy:
    Good Luck.
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    Good luck with ur clan...
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    Originally posted by demFroG:
    Good luck with ur clan...
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    Originally posted by ARIANit_:
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    Hey hey! You finally got this up and running!

    EDIT: Word of advice: signatures have to be 500 x 150 or they get removed.
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    Originally posted by ARIANit_:
    Hey hey! You finally got this up and running!

    EDIT: Word of advice: signatures have to be 500 x 150 or they get removed.
    THANKS! I'm too new at this.
    -goes to edit it-

    And yeah, FINALLY. xD
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    You've had this planned out for a while, hm?
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