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    I got only sound in the loadingscreens
    Im using the Logitech G35 Headset
    I´ve heard there are Problems with the Logitech Headsets.
    Can anybody help me, please?

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    same problem here, I got sound in the cutscenes but no sound ingame...

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    I have also the G35 headset and problems with ingame sounds. I can hear the video itself but at the second ingame, all sound is gone. Even music being played in my mediaplayer is gone..

    Can you please create a patch so this problem can be fixed?

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    I'm having the exact same problem. But im using Razer megadolon. Tried to google it but only found similiar problems in other games with these 2 headsets. Can you please patch it soon?

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    I am also having this issue using my Logitech 930's. I have sound in the initial menu, then during cut scenes, but nothing otherwise.

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    I have major issues if I keep my speakers set to 7.1, the sound basically does not work and pops and is staticy and broken.

    I basically have to set my speaker config to 5.1 and everything works.

    Try your speaker config.

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    Same problem for me, just done a google search and it looks like if the game doesn't support 7.1 then we are f**ked, there is no way of lowering the G35 to 5.1

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    I have managed to get sound. Only problem is that you have to uninstall your logitech drivers and use a windows driver for the headset. That means all you will get is 2 channel audio, crap i know but i works

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    Logitech 7.1 G35 Headset, same problems as above, no sounds in game.
    All i hear is a pitchsound when the axual game starts.
    In the set-up menu i can hear the music.
    Desktop speakers, Logitech 5.1 X530, also no sound.

    Please patch this.
    And lets hope the gamesupport for this version will be better than Call of Juarez : Bound in blood, because there was no fix for the same problem.

    If you need more details about my pc for the sound fix please look here:
    (scroll down in that page)

    No full mouse button support for more than 3 buttons a (again Logitech) Logitech G500 mouse.

    Please realize many gamers use Logitech gaming products, So please keep that in mind for the next game you guys bring to the marked.

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    Been speaking with the support.. for more then 10 days.. And still no patch seens releash.
    Even a small game like Dungeon Defenders. When it came out 4 hrs later there made a patch there sounden like this:
    Update Notes:
    - Fixed "no sounds" bug with 7.1 speaker setup
    - Added Invert mouse to in-game options
    - "Disable sound" option in Configuration tool now works
    - Less online disconnections, made timeouts more forgiving

    Now thats Service!
    Whats takinging so god damn long for a big firm like Ubisoft. Can't be that hard to make support for 7.1 in a game.

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