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    it says he was born in 91 so it cant be graw hes in his 30 or 40s they talk a lot a bout erope and asia and i just herd something a bout natioal sides witch this game will probobly be a bout ww3 I HERD NOTHING A BOUT MEXICO OR TEXAS OR SOUTH AMERICA SO IT AINT GRAW 3. and it wont stop talking a bout erope only little about u.s. so right now think what u want but this is something totaly new not graw not rainbow six, not splinter cell . but rev 64

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    Wow. You obviously haven't been reading the other threads.

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    And you obviously haven't heard all the clips, they talk about "MEXICO OR TEXAS OR SOUTH AMERICA" a bit, try listening to the news feed in the background

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    well from reading the post i think now its the bible verse whith the horse and stuff and plus most people do think ww3 will be the end of the world

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    Like I're stating the obvious, big guy. Try reading the other threats before crowding the forum with another repetative topic.

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    hey im just trying to prevent graw 3

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    Prevent GRAW 3? So...saying that the clues don't lead towards a new GRAW will make it true?

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    That being said, I'm going to stop wasting my time on you.

    Best of luck on "preventing graw 3."

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    Anyone notice the enemy units being called Spiders and Drones, also the scrolling text is enemy info, stuff like cape offensive not defensive plus lots other enemy terms. There info is awfly detailed, I know it takes place in the future but seriously. Corpsvelliance??? WTF??? are they monitoring his dead body??? Just the first few thing that stuck out at me...

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    Cape Offensive = Launch of 680 aircraft from CCAFS

    He isn't dead, they are monitoring him because he's injured, took a bullet to his right shoulder in the defense of Atlanta

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