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    FeedBack / Wishlist

    i dont usually provide feedback but i felt this game needed a litle push

    honestly its a really great game but there is a few feature that could be fixed overall i would give it a 8 maybe even a 9 over 10

    i like:
    -how the notes are shown (collors really help)
    -how easy it is to setup plug , pray, play .
    -the game really devlops many aspects of guittar playing and you dont need to know them to play them (this is a big plus)
    - its addictive ( playing guittar when biggining can be frustrating and somewhat displeasing thus discouraging some people)
    - i like how the software keeps being positive . no boooing crowd stays positive . positive reinforcement works :P

    i dont like :
    -i have a real guittar and it dosent detune that easaly ( like just about never) but i keep being asked to test it . i get the idea could be a litle less anoying tho
    -that being said the interface is kind of awkward menu needs a litle rework . it would be better to have a journey mode ( where you play your events and replay them )
    and a learning / rearse mode with the challeges and the riff repeaters and such . also when you go to lets say a rearse it activates the amp then shuts it then moves to tunner then to song play i would be better if the tunner and the amp thing would be merged into one . turning on and off the amp gets annoying .Also play again and riff repeater could be more cyclic ( not having to exit /retune all the time .

    features i would like :
    - ability to add songs (import)( from a score or somthing maybe make a converter from midi files or somthing just so you can import more tracks and maybe help mastering them
    songs could be stored on the local HDD of the console or a usb stick or somthing .
    -ability to play without the DVD .<<<<<< verry important its really anoying to have to load the cd/dvd all the time and i fear it would get damaged ( XBOX scratching CD/DVD problems)
    -hall of fame ( see how other player of same or other lvl are doing .

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    For the ever-growing wishlist

    It would be very helpful if the game would provide specific information pinpointing errors in performance. As far as I'm aware currently you have the replay, which in theory - but not always very clearly - shows which notes you were deemed to have missed or got wrong. So: it would be good to - at least - make that info available in a way that makes it clearer to identify and gives you more time to digest it or copy it down (if for some reason you are against the obvious option of just making all performances permanently available till the player decides to delete them).

    On the subject of point deductions - it's very evident that the game tolerates all kinds of bum notes so long as they are additional to the correct ones. I can see how there is no obvious solution to that inasmuch as you don't want to penalise players for legit embellishments, but I'm sure many players have noticed - and been corrupted by - the fact that you can in practice just make numerous random hits in the right sort of area and thereby seriously increase your scores - clearly a point where the game aspect and the learning aspect of Rocksmith are in direct conflict. anyway it would be good if you could find a feasible way to penalise this kind of gamespersonship, for the sake of the easily tempted among us

    Not necessarily just in the handy but limited technique video section, but at least that: info on strumming and fingering for instance. On chord changing. Etcetera.

    I know at least a few others have mentioned this, but the chord book is up there with the tuning chore as a time-wasting irritation. To practise 2 chords from one song you have to go all round the houses, it's crazy. And I bet that it leads others besides me to do a lot less chord work than they would if it were more efficient.

    Also the chord book content itself, while definitely useful, could stand to be developed a bit I think. For instance, if it were possible to develop a subtool that enables you efficiently to drill changing between any given pair (or trio, or more...) of chords that occur adjacently in the song you're dealing with.

    Reminds me:
    Would be great if you found a way to make this viewable, again, in a way we could drill. As with the point titled "GET STRICT WITH RANDOM STRUM/PICK ACTION" above, we all know - to our gaming benefit and our skills' cost - that you can just strum as fast as possible with no rhythmic pattern at all and in that way score full points. - Well, maybe not full, I couldn't say- but anyway you can get at least to "mastery" levels just by frantic wriist motion. I'm sure Baden-Powell would agree this shouldn't be encouraged.

    And so on... lots of improvements possible, I add my hopes to everyone's that you implement as many as possible. I totally agree with pretty much all contributors that it's a great product, game, learning tool, but there are still lots of ways to make it much better. Onward and upward.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    This may have been suggested somewhere, but It is way too much to read through to check.
    Is there a way you guys could make a patch that would show what key the song is in on info for the song? Or add a patch to filter for songs played in "E" or "D".
    I was going through alot of E strings going back and forth changing from E to D and back again. So I have two guitars, one set for D and one set for E. But it really would be nice to see the song key when I'm searching for a song to play.


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    Seriously... ability to set speed in riff repeater

    Why hasn't this happened?

    start slow and build-up your speed gradually.
    This is as basic as it gets for learning guitar.

    I'm absolutely stunned that this not only wasn't in the original design; and has yet to be added.

    even if it was in large increments... I DON'T care.

    I do not want to try to practice a select portion of notes from the original song at 98% speed.

    I want to practice the full version of the song, at 50% speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whune View Post
    Why hasn't this happened?

    start slow and build-up your speed gradually.
    This is as basic as it gets for learning guitar.

    I'm absolutely stunned that this not only wasn't in the original design; and has yet to be added.

    even if it was in large increments... I DON'T care.

    I do not want to try to practice a select portion of notes from the original song at 98% speed.

    I want to practice the full version of the song, at 50% speed.
    Yeah, I'm hopeful the next version has set speed... Seems like an obvious add to me.

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    I would like to second some of the improvement recommendations made here:

    1. I would really like to have the notes (not just color coded strings and frets). I think the system you have now is good, and it is fun, but I would like to be able to read the music, because for some reason reading the notes is easier for me to memorize.
    2. I would like to see some type of "personal best" available. Currently I can see how I stack up against everyone else in the world, and while that is nice, I am more concerned with how I stack up against myself. Having competed professionally in other sports, I know that I do better by focusing on myself and monitoring my progress, not others.
    3. I like the idea of choosing when to tune the guitar, rather than being forced to tune prior to each song (or even worse, at the beginning of a re-start)
    4. In game navigation should be easier, I know that I have missed many options (especially early on in the game) because I didn't see them because they were greyed out.

    Tanks for listening and creating a great game, I truly appreciate what you have done for the industry, and re-igniting my enjoyment for practice sessions.

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    (reposted from another thread)

    I know this has been beaten to death, but as it's not actually dead yet, I wanted to raise it again.

    The Riff Repeater tools are not OK. They're less awful than they were before the last patch, but they're still seriously flawed. Doing last week's challenge song (Mean B!tch) reminded a lot of people of a lot of the brokenness that it can be easier to ignore on easier songs & sections.

    To whit, on the solo in the song:

    It aggressively kicks you out for "too many missed notes"

    Why is this even a feature? Are you trying to protect guitarists from their awfulness if they're struggling? This is jarring and just means that with limited lives you're getting gypped from practicing the whole section. Stop it, this is a dumb, dumb feature.

    Suggestion: remove this feature altogether. It does nothing to improve the experience of playing Rocksmith or learning guitar at all.

    The accelerator "speed setting" step (and Free Speed)

    The rewind and playback thing when you're setting speed in Accelerator in Free Speed and make an error is an interesting idea that is terribly unsettling in practice. And it's also the only way to intentionally try to set the speed to something under 100%.

    Suggestion: if you want a way to show someone exactly what they're missing, just indicate "misses" on the screen and possibly give people the option for an audio cue (so you don't have to be looking at the screen to see it happen). That would actually be hugely helpful via some 'replay' mode in the leveler, since a lot of times it's unclear where a miss happened (and there's no visibility into how many misses you're allowed on a section)

    The accelerator in general

    It is a long, unpleasant process to set the speed to something low for a longish section. On this week's song in particular, it is particularly awful. It takes 3 misses to drop the speed 1% so it takes a good 5-10 minutes to get it sped down to a nice slow speed. This is a huge waste of time and also a cacophony for anyone unfortunate enough to be in earshot.

    * It can take 5-10 minutes to slow it down and if you "accidentally" play it right it speeds up on you, so you can never lock in a speed this way.
    * You can't get credit for mastering a section if you play it at 100% speed at a higher mastery. This is an acceptable oversight in light of the fact that Set Mastery is new, but it does mean you have to go out to the repeater menu, pick the section, pick the leveler, set mastery and nail it again, which is a lot of wading through menus.

    Suggestion: I think this has been beaten to death, but provide a "set speed" option in the accelerator. If you make that option and as a side-effect it resets your lives to 30, you wouldn't technically have to make any other change. Ideally you can choose whether you want it to ever speed you up automatically.

    (Specific to this solo) If you manage to complete it at all, it levels you up.

    Normally I like leveling up, and I'm kinda OK with it, but combined with the too many missed notes wackiness, this solo is basically impossible to practice in Rocksmith. As near as I can tell, the threshhold to level it up is adjacent to the "too many notes" fail. So if you get it right, you level up or speed up. If you don't get it right, you don't even get to try (since you're kicked out before you get there). So the only way to practice the end part of the solo is to exactly miss one note too few to get kicked out and then intentionally flub the last note.

    Suggestion: if you remove the "too many misses" altogether, this mitigates this to a great deal.

    Sections require vastly different levels of accuracy to level.

    In some cases (Mean B!tch) you can miss a fair amount and level up. In some extreme cases, you can't miss at all. The inconsistencies are aggrevating to say the least.

    Suggestions: at a minimum, some visual prominent indicator of Misses: x/y would let us know what we're missing and how tight a section. Also NEVER require perfection to level a section. We have lots of other incentive to get good at this game, please don't lock content behind frustrating perfection grinds.


    In summary

    Some way of setting the speed and a removal of the "too many misses" would make this massively more effective. I feel like I literally cannot use Rocksmith to learn any of the more interesting/challenging passages in the game (esp. solos) as it currently stands, and honestly these limitations heavily caveat any recommendation I make to my guitar-playing friends about a game that should be a blast for them to play.

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    Please stop moving around! *BARF*

    PLEASE add an option to lock the guitar display from moving!

    I'm pretty new to guitar playing.. and your game is helping me learn... BUT,

    I have to look down at my fingers then back at the screen.. when I do. the dang display has floated around and I have to look at the fret numbers to know where I am supposed to be on the neck for the next note instead of just in reference to the last. I wish you would put an option so that the entire fretboard is displayed along the bottom of the screen, and not just the focus area.

    Don't get me wrong, I like that the area I should have my fingers in is highlighted.. but I lose reference along the neck as to where I should be when the coloured notes are floating down and left to right and back like autumn leaves (poetic, right?).


    For linear thinking minds like me, have an option to lock the guitar display in one spot so that the notes fall straight down.


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    I understand there is a lot of other things at hand but it would be nice

    to have a full tuner in amp mode i want to go drop b or c and or whateva

    and wish i could.. Even if you put it for 240ms or 400ms that would even be great

    it also really would open amp mode wide open and ppls minds as well...and work on online

    play that opens the game experience wide open as well ..but all n all keep up the good work

    keep adding pedals resolve the tuning it makes no since to limit tuning to the songs in your library

    ..and multi but i dont really see that happening for awhile and last but not least get more metalcore

    bands ((((unearth))) more aggressive stuff with sexy riffs!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

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    Need better ways to learn the songs and reading music. This has been said many times in the thread; here is yet another:
    - Would be really nice to be able to display or print TAB and/or traditional staff music to learn notes, practice, and memorize at our own pace.
    - Need better control of riff repeater to select speed and sections of songs
    - Show the note names to be played so we can learn the notes in addition to the frets.
    - It would be nice to be able to play along using traditional music as an alternative to the fret display.
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