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Rocksmith 2014 Edition - The Smashing Pumpkins' "Cherub Rock"

How Guitar Teachers Can Use Rocksmith 2014 Edition

Rocksmith 2014 Edition -- How It Works -- Learn How To Play Guitar In 60 Days

Rocksmith 60-Day Challenge -- Trevor's Success Story -- Learn How To Play Guitar In 60 Days

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    I've had this game for a couple of weeks now and love it! But definitely looking forward to some of the improvements mentioned earlier in this thread like being able to set your own speed.

    A couple of things that I would like:
    - When practicing with Leveler or Accelerator, I sometimes have difficulty determining which notes I've missed. Sometimes I think I nailed it but I get the "Try Again" message so obviously I must have missed something. When that happens over and over again it gets a little frustrating. I understand about the flash that you get when you hit a note but when the notes are coming fast and furious I can't really tell if every single one of them flashed or not. I wish there was some more obvious way to indicate when a note is missed (Rockband3 has a percentage indicator that turns red the instant you miss a note).
    - After a practice run through Leveler or Accelerator I wish there was some feedback (i.e. a percentage) that told me how many notes I hit. That way as I practice it over and over again I have a more concrete indicator of how I did and can hopefully see this number climbing higher as I practice. Free Speed does give you this feedback by giving you a time percentage so you can see this number climbing towards 100% as you get better, but I use Leveler and Accelerator much more often. The feedback there is only binary: "Try Again" or the "Completed" message you get when it kicks you out after one good run.

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    Here are my suggestions after days and days of playing rock band.

    Low Intermediate Guitarist, have performed classic rock covers at bars.
    RockSmith Level 9

    1. Tablature has fret numbers for a reason. It's fast & easy to read. The new fretboard UI is good, but the 3D notes can be hard to sightread during solos and fret jumps when the note is on a non-numbered fret. Please create an elegant system for displaying fret numbers without every note having a number.

    2. Make misses very obvious, especially in Riff Repeater. The little red flash is easy to miss. Explain better mistakes on bends. Bending not enough/too much?

    3a. Merge Riff Repeater/Accelerator into one (see RB3) and allow switching sections from within the Riff Repeater (see RB3). Free Speed is annoying.

    3b. Allow creation of temporary A-B repeating sections within a section so I can practice hard riffs over and over without having to play the entire section.

    4. Fix the Journey Menu System. From the Journey, I should be able to select the song I want

    5. Guitar Ranks are an awesome idea. I love the idea of becoming an Elite Guitarist or Rocksmith. However, as it is the Rank 1-11 doesn't mean anything. I'm level 9, but I'm not close to an Elite Guitarist nor an International Headliner and the fact that the game thinks I am when I can only get a 70k on Sweet Home Alabama makes me question the intelligence of the game. There should be about 30 ranks. Come up with some humorous names and use top scores on hard songs to judge rank.

    It should really mean something to be Elite. For example, if you tell a cover band you are ranked as Elite in Rock Band, then they would know you can handle any song they want you to learn.

    6. Allow setting mastery for entire song type (combo/chord/single). This is when you know you will be able to sightread an easy song and don't want to have to play several times through or use Riff Repeater to prove your mastery.

    7. Need a "Memorize Mode". Once you master a song, the Riff Repeater should turn into memorize the section repeater. Play the section, then try to play it memorized…and repeat.

    8. Practice hours counter. It's always interesting to see how much time you've dedicated to a game. It makes me want to come back because I've already dedicated so much time.

    9. Ability to Rate songs by Difficulty & "Fun". Ability to Sort Songs by Difficulty. It would be cool to work down a list of songs in ascending difficulty.

    10. The white text behind the fretboard signifying consecutive note streaks is hard to read during the game.

    11. Walk out to the stage during loading. Make the audience and performance more realistic. Don't want the music video business of RB3 or Guitar Hero, but make it a little livelier.

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    I think this game only needs two changes and it will be the perfect guitar teaching program.

    We need a meter or some kind of a gauge on the notes that are being bent we need to see how far it needs to be bent and we need to see in real time where were currently bending, so we can adjust accordingly

    and the other change is we need to be able to set the speed in the Accelerator riff repeater with a slider , or at least have the option to use the slider if we want, but still keep the game the same for those that like it the way it is now

    thank you for all your hard work it is helping me understand how to play music more clearly

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    I would really enjoy seeing other tunings supported in the near future, particularly Eb and Drop Db. This would also pretty much double or triple the songs RS could look at for DLC.

    Additionally, although I'm loving the recent 3DD pack, I wish DLC wouldn't be done in one band packs. I'm not sure if there are contractual issues binding you to this, but if it's possible, RS should release variety packs so that we get less whining on these threads. Prolly won't completely eliminate it, but it'll be a start.

    And finally, I would, as a consumer, appreciate it if communication with the staff on this forum were more transparent. I'm posting in this thread with the hopes that my thoughts are being heard, but I can't stop this little voice in the back of my head that tells me I'm talking to a wall. If these threads are being monitored, a little feedback from the staff would be great.

    Otherwise, great teaching tool, and I plan on sticking with it.

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    One easy change that I would like to see is to have a brief description of the different arrangements. Currently when there is a "Combo 1" and "Combo 2" there is no way to tell the difference between them without actually playing them, and then I'm likely to get them mixed up the next day. And for single note arrangements there could be a note saying whether this is a true lead part from the recording, a simplified version of the rhythm part, etc.

    Of course the higher priority for me would be improvements to the Riff Repeater but I think this has been covered in a few posts already

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    Please add an option to turn off dynamic leveling in Performance/Event mode. This will allow the player to feel at least a minor sense of accomplishment by being able to play a song at the highest level successfully practiced without being bombarded with unfamiliar additional notes during a performance/event. Thanks.
    RS1: 1,000 hours played on PS3; 900 hours played on PC
    RS14: 930 hours played on PC; 25 hours played on PS3

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    1) In Riff Repeater let me choose 2 or more sections to work on. My problems are often the transition from verse to chorus or somesuch.
    2) In Riff Repeater make it easier to tell what notes are in what section. I know what I need to work on, but seldom know if it's a verse, post verse, pre chorus, post chorus, first bridge, etc. It's really frustrating to wait forever for the silly thing to load, only to find you're gonna be picking slowly at 2 different notes.
    3) If Riff Repeater, when I miss too many notes don't throw me out and start over. I mean, really? I'm trying to learn here, why would you possibly quit on me?
    4) Like 98% of the people here, LET ME CONTROL THE SPEED. Every guitar teacher in the universe teaches you to play it cleanly, slow, and speed up as you can. Not wail away hitting maybe half the notes, learning bad habits along the way.
    5) When I'm doing an event don't let the leveler up the difficulty on me. Outside of just running out of time, this is the number 1 reason I walk away from RS. IMHO, I practiced for the event, and changing the bloody song on me at the last minute is flat out wrong.
    6) When I'm in technique challenges and I miss things, don't level down. Specifically, palm mute. It's very frustrating to be in learning mode, and have the teacher take away 75% of my chances to practice. Especially when to my ears a good palm mute and a borked palm mute are identical. By borked palm mute I don't mean one I obviously missed, I mean one that sounds fine to me but the game doesn't take it.
    7) During playback it's hard to read the messages you display. And you can't even see the ones on the left side due to the graphic you put over it. That makes this feature completely useless.
    8) In riff repeater, when I pause it's because I want to study the new chord coming up, or figure out the order of the tight set of notes coming down the pike. Too bad you typically stick a graphic over what I want to see.
    9) In Dawn of the Chordead let me choose which chords I want to play with.
    10) In the arcade games give me a master switch that only shows my scores. Currently I ensure I'm logged out of PSN before starting RS. I've been playing 3 months and am happy with my 350k score. I don't need to see the top 3 guys have maxed out your counter at 100 million.
    11) In the arcade games keep track of my scores on a time basis, not a hi score basis. I don't care that my high score is 500k, I want to know that as I play the game I'm getting better and better.
    12) Treat it as more of a guitar learning tool, not a game.
    13) In riff repeater, when I play a section perfectly let me play it again. It's astoundingly stupid that people give advice like "always mess up the last note so you don't get kicked out". IMHO, RR should not exit until I tell it to. I don't care if I didn't get it in 30 tries, or played it perfectly first time through. Let me keep working on it.
    14) In RR, when I exit take me back to the 'select a section' menu, and tell me which section I just worked on.

    Despite the complaints, this is a pretty good game with a few serious flaws. The number one flaw is the inability to control the speed.
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    Double Encore Problems

    I love this game! I play anywhere from 2 to 5 hours everyday, but I do have one suggestion.
    I have been hearing a lot of people (like myself) having problems unlocking the bonus songs via the double encore feature. There should be some way to get the songs without being forced to get a double encore, unless the player would enjoy the challenge. There should be some sort of opt out feature or something along these lines to be able to access the other songs.

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    A bass guitar module would be very awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anycolorilike View Post
    INow: In the riff repeater we need an option to *** hear *** the riff before playing it so we can learn what the rhythm is supposed to be. Right now if I cannot sight read fast enough I will never learn that part.
    That would be handy, of course, but you know, you can always hear it on youtube before you start or something can't you?

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