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    I started getting an error stating dinput8.dll was not a valid windows mirror.
    I replaced the file with one i downloaded, now the error has stopped, but profiler is still doa.
    i have tried reinstalling directx, but can't seem to manage that, either.
    I have also reinstalled SD6 but to no avail.
    I an running winxp 32bit & my directx is 9.0c.
    When i try to run dxdiag, it states, "...there may have been an error accessing DirectInput the last time this program was used. Would you like to bypass DirectInput this time?"
    answer no & dxdiag shut down. answer yes & i get a blank field on the input tab. I do not get anything like the long list of info i see posted here for diagnosis, so i am totally lost at this point.
    would updating to directx10 maybe help this?

    Long & short, I can't fly and am getting REALLY cranky.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hmm, sounds like somehow directinput has gotten corrupted. Obviously replacing the file didn't help so either the file was the wrong one, or the file wasn't the real problem, just where the error manifested. Try clicking start > run and type regsvr32 dinput8.dll and hit enter, see if that helps. You may need to do a repair of Windows.

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    Thanks. Tried your suggestion & got this in response: DllRegisterServer in dinput8.dll succeeded.
    But...profiler still not cooperating.
    going to try the windows repair now.

    Thanks again for the help. keep your fingers crossed.


    Thanks, Urufu.
    My sanity is restored.

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