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    OK guys, heres the deal. I have the USS Gar based at Pearl. I just left Pearl 29 May 42. I have got a chance to sink part of the force that attacked Midway. Where would they be located for that battle? It would be nice to find my first major naval battle to take part in......

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    Here you go;
    Overview Map

    How the battle unfolded

    Watch for scout planes coming in from the NW and follow their course back to the CVs. I got 2 of them the last time I tried.

    Now go sink'em!

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    cool i am off to go sink some now, will let you know how it goes

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    The TFs move lickidy split, Masterhawk, so you need to work ahead of them or you will never catch em.

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    Do they show up at the right places and times in TM1.7.1?

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    I did intercept the IJN NW of midway on the 3rd of June will post screenies as soon as i get them up loaded to photobucket

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    About 1100hrs on 3 June radar ops shouted out that they have a large number of contacts west south west of our position. I called crew to battle station as I knew this was going to get bad fast. Loaded up all tubes and set intercept course at flank speed. I knew that this was a chance to deliver an early blow to the IJN in this area.

    then I got a clearer picture of what we were up against

    It took about 30 minutes for us to get into a firing position. at about 1140hrs I fired a fish at a Asashio DD at 1142 she went down

    At 1152hrs the second DD went down

    Thats when things got a lil wild to say the least. 3 more DD's started depth charging everything in sight. we got minor damage from a few close ones. but I lined up on a Kongo BB. Fired all 6 forward tubes 5 of which scored hits on the Kongo

    at 1203hrs the Kongo was gone
    next was a Shokaku CV's turn

    All there was left of the CV was the surviving members of her crew wondering what had happened

    I knew then it was time to evade the rest of the IJN task force. We went deep and made good our essacpe. We resupplied at Midway so we could go on fighting the war. Our score card for 3 June 1942

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    See what good intelligence can do for you. G2 got you there and you got them. Big time.

    Nice shooting Captain!

    Subuyan Sea and the San Bernadino Straits, 25OCT44 to 27OCT44, be there or be square.

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    You sure gave 'em hell!!!

    Nice pics, especially the carrier blowing up!

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    I went to that precise spot, at that precise time (running RSRDC 355 for SH4 1.5), and I found NOTHING. Does RSRDC randomly generate convoy headings, movement???? If not, shouldn't the IJN fleet be at the same spot every time?

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