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    Saw-mill is my another multiplayer map and the name of the map says all - its just saw-mill and I tried to do my best to make gameplay and map look as good as possible. Upcoming days will show if I was sucesfull or not ...
    So you can find there lots of wood, beams desk etc and first time in my map - a lot of rusted plates (I didnt like to use them in my previous map at all, but this time it fit theme I think... ). Btw - fps are up to 65 even on optimal settings (in editor) and up to 100 on middle settings, but I was very limited by memory load out, thats why I dint want to put there more objects ....
    Map is in rotation on server <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">1. FCCZ for all (HC r.4)</span> so you all are welcome to come there and have a try.
    I hope you will like it
    Few screenhots:

    You can also check it out in editor so feel free do download the file HERE

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    Pacient-from what I have seen from your maps, I like your mapping style. I like the small-tight maps that are logical, detailed, and have interesting but realistic environments which blend nature and human structures neatly. I wish you were on a PS3, haha. Eitherway this map looks pretty neat. The texture work is very well done, and the detail keeps the map interesting without making it confusing or cluttering. I does look like the boundaries aren't well defined as a player standpoint though. You might want to try to mark those out, rather than relay on the player's trial and error. I am specifically thinking about 1) how the boundary is in the middle of the river and 2) cuts through the UFLL water tank/highpoint. This also leads to my second point. It seems UFLL has a little more manueverability at there high point, but the surface is more exposed and the explosive barrel probably balances that out. Kepp up the good mapping.

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    Thanks a lot for such a nice words Manlius
    Your description is exactely what I try to make...
    Regardind to boundaries - I use to post one screenshots from the top, where you can see whole map layout, and based on angle you made screeshot, it shows boundaries like this.
    So - I made two more, where is clear, that they copy fences. As for river - I prefer warn player in advance, that this river side is out of battle are, so they can still turn their boat back
    But - during I made screeshots, I found out, that in one place on APR side boundaries doesnt copy fences as they should (see yellow dot on last screenshot) and I couldnt stay to let it like this, even its minor bug, but still.. I going to fix it and upload map updated map again (120 downloads lost but who cares )
    So please if some you already grab it and want to use it - take updated version. HERE
    And yes, once you dont create mirrored map, then is always some point, where is one team in better position. To get it balanced, this time I gave to APR more options for cover, basically it means they are much closer to center building. So far it seems like it work as it should.
    So here are those screenshots and thx again for your feedback


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