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    This was fun. Probably best night surface action I've had in awhile.Picked up large convoy late 44 in Formosa, bad storm. DD's chasing me with radar as I weaved in and out of the ships, using every gun, had to dive a few times when DD's came up my stern, but right back up. Did get 40% damaged, but made it home.

    Most shooting blind using radar or aiming at searchlights.

    Silly Carrier Escort ASW chasing me bites the dust.

    Torped one with radar, guns blasting the other

    Torp merchant left then set up on the other..turned out to be a DD, two slams and takes him out..blind shooting

    I think this is when Wernher gets killed.

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    Nice screenies as always, MWolfe.

    "Head Deep and Keep'em Astern" LtCDR Samuel D Dealey
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    Really cool Wolf.

    "Don't give them a inch!"
    -Col. Strong Vincent's last words before being mortally wounded, Little Round Top, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 2, 1863
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    Poor Wernher....Just when he was getting better you had to go and make him a casualty of war....

    BTW...How do you target using radar..??
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    Doing your impression of Red Rammage?

    See 4th and 5th picture's/captions down.

    For me, burnout is always one step away.
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    Yep, picture 5 is about exact. I had to go down to radar depth to let the DD's with radar pass.
    They were coming sorta SW, so I went NE through the group when I got some distance on the DD's and came up shooting. Jumping from gun to gun. Would rather let the crew shoot, but gotta shoot DG by radar til u light em up and can see them.

    And that silly carrier escort chasing me like a DD. One torp and the deckgun got him.

    Was fun, guns going off, flares, searchlights, charges.

    I came back for another pass but that one dd ran right on my stern and got me with a charge as I went under, but popped right back up and blew his rack off and got away.

    Basically use RR radar and sonar methods of radar and sonar shooting. Mostly just getting a bearing, guessing on speed and AOB and aiming at search lights. I did waste a few with misses.

    I had some sterns left, but I decided to leave well enough alone...

    I would say the 40 is just perfect now...glad it doe's some damage.

    Got a lot of great shots of the battle.

    Always large convoys there. For the fun of it and I want to live, I've loaded 10 cuties to let loose in the next ones for the first go round.
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