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    Seppuku, MARRY ME! DD

    much love to the Frag Dolls. keep kickin ***.

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    wow, a marriage proposal. pretty brave. although i'm sure she's had many before. but if she says no, theres always Shadowskull...

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    While I must admire your intitiative I find your tact somewhat lacking. I was comtemplating adressing how creepy that kind of behaivor is and how it makes this board feel strange but I've come to acknowlegde like a civilian in a city undersige that the occasional disruptive blast is to be expected. It's the price of living here and must be accomodated in day to day activities. Besides this is nothing compared to what some people have posted and it's pretty modest and non-serious. I can only hope she's good natured about this sort of thing by now i.e: flattered a bit as opposed to disturbed.

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    LOL... omg. TRUST ME, i highly DOUBT she will take this seriously.

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    Originally posted by illybang:
    LOL... omg. TRUST ME, i highly DOUBT she will take this seriously.
    That's why I stalk. You can't help but take stalking seriously.


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    bahahahah. good point. :O

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    So far there have been two brave proposals on this oh so forum:

    Originally posted by illybang:
    Seppuku, MARRY ME! DD



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    hey shadow,
    do us all a favor, steal you mom's car and drive it off a bridge or wrap it around a telephone pole. thanks buddy!

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    how about you go suck on a banana?

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