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    If you are enjoying HMM 6, please consider to give 'some love' to Disciples 3. The new game (Rebirth) came out almost simultaneously to HMM 6 and I am afraid it will go unnoticed. I have installed both over the weekend (it must be an early Christmas or what?), and I am having fun with both. Although I prefer HMM to Disciples, the new campaign (Undead) is a blast and Disciples scores very high in mature graphic and very challenging battles (most of the battles in HMM are just a piece of cake). Highly recommended for people who like fantasy, turned-based strategy games.

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    I played D3 when it was just released. If briefly - comparing to D2 (wich is really a legendary game): absolutely no balance, stupid fight mechanics, average graphics,awful inventory system and back to the days after release there were a lot of bugs as well. So, my opinion - Disciples 3 is a joke. Disciples 2 is a great game.

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    I respect your opinion. I agree about D2, great game. I even re-played D2 recently.

    That said, your criticism is way too harsh. It must be something about forums in general, I always find people expressing their dislikes in such a dramatic way.

    I like turn-based fantasy games. I played them all. And I found something positive in them all. D3 plays more like King's Bounty than D2. Strategy per se might be limited, but progression is fantastic, and battles are epic.

    To go back to D2, the thing I disliked the most were the static battles. In D3 you have wonderful battles, and there are great mods out there to restore balance (and you can easily mod the game yourself). Even if I did not like the battles in D2, I focused on other aspect of the games. So, D2 was not a joke, as it is not D3.

    For people who don't know the Disciples series, you can get the original D3 for a few dollars, and you can try for yourself.

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    Exclamation Just in Small Heroes 6 VS Discples 3

    Disciples 3 is much better than Heroes 6,I even regret I bought Heroes 6 nor Disciples 3.
    Disciples 3 have an excuse for bugs what appear ingame but Heroes 6 what?Except the European workteam...I am tottaly pissed when I see in game a Hungaryan name like Duke Ishtvan and Sandor...omg!I have to kill myself seeing this...In Assassin's Creed Revelation the same but with Romanian names...Jesus help us...(I am not a racist,if admins check me they can see I am between them :P)but back to word,Kalyps and Akella are small in comparation with a Multinational company like Ubisoft,have limited resources and the pirating hits them much harder than Ubi and to be honest...disciples 3 very easy to crack...this is the explanation for buggs in Disciples 3,but what excuse have the Ubisoft?
    For example I have no time to test bugs cuz I cannot play Heroes 6,I have/had all of the Errors,Bugs and other things possible and mentioned on Forums,some repaired some still remain like what I have been posted and nobody cares...but offtopic again
    Back to word,Disciples 3 have a much better in more ways,for example:
    -The game atmosphere,the town screen is not a very extreme something but anyway better than in Heroes 6 ) much better(Heroes 5 better) and the landscape,is my favorite part,when I conquer the whole land transforms in my factions territory,for ppl who newer played I give an example:At humans if you get a statue,slowly start to convert the land near to a green place,even the trees are transforming,for Legion(inferno) all burns and get into lava and fire... ...
    -Music-Nearly same,Heroes have a larger variety
    -Races- ahhh love all,it can be more in both games but it's ok
    -Same factions-Necropolis-Heroes 6 have more units but Disciples 3 have more realistic units
    -Humans-Like I said Disciples have more realistic units and one more thing what I really,but Really hate in Heroes 5-6...Female Angels!!!!!!!!Wt*...omg....How this could be even possible?Female angels...All heroes series had Guy angels,I have newer seen before female angels ingames,and I hoped so to newer see...I have nothing with womans but...I prefer males as angels.
    -Inferno-I hate to play with bad guys but the Inferno units in Disciples 3 are marvelous,some of them,in heroes 6 only the pitlord who can match them.
    -Gameplay-Are the same,except Heroes 6 have much more maps where we can play and in Disciples 3 ressurection the Undead maps are unplayabble very strong monsters and cheater AI :P but I have to mention,I CAN PLAY,not like Heroes 6...
    Strategy Part-Is much better than in Heroes 6,you have space to move,few units can reach you from the begining and your shooters are more usefull.
    Gameplay Learning-Very easy both
    Realistic Base-Disciples 9/10 Heroes 6 5/10
    This is my opinion and only a part of it,I hope I said some usefull things and even the ubisoft can replan some things in the future patches.
    I have not mentioned Heroes 5 cuz in my oppinion Heroes 5 is much better than Heroes 6 and Disciples 3,only the atmosphere have need some modification(what I really dont like in both games is:Mines for Elves...LoL).Noone company can create a strategy game,except Blizzard with Warcraft 3 where all factions have their own Resource gathering systems,and this can be one of the best parts of any fantasy based strategy games and a path to the succes,in my opinion.

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    Hi everyone,

    does anyone of you know where to purchase Disciples 3 - Rebirth? I have searched for it but didn´t find anything. I´d appreciate any hint.



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    Actualy there is one more game that was at some points even better that HoMM: it is Age of Wonders. Sad, that this game died after AoW II...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pjovejas View Post
    Actualy there is one more game that was at some points even better that HoMM: it is Age of Wonders. Sad, that this game died after AoW II...
    It has recently been announced that Age of Wonders III is beeing made.

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    Just logged in to bump this thread - Reincarnation is a very good game. The only thing I really don't care for is the dynamic battle camera: turned it off.
    I highly recommend the game to other fans of the Heroes series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lead341 View Post
    Hi everyone,

    does anyone of you know where to purchase Disciples 3 - Rebirth? I have searched for it but didn´t find anything. I´d appreciate any hint.


    Currently, there is only one online distributor for it, which is Gamers Gate. This is because the Russian company that developed the game, Akella, went bankrupt, and the Reincarnation version of D3 was pushed out by the devs on their own. It is sold under the name Disciples: Reincarnation, and tweaks many aspects of the game, most for the better, some not so much. Overall, it is a much better version of the game than Resurrection or Renaissance (Reincarnation includes all content from both)

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