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    its buggy as hot day in the swamp! Guess we'll just have to wait for the next patch? It just barely plays on my system, but it does ok. Has anyone done a hints and tips thread? I'll do a search. I almost didn't buy this game after reading all the negative comments about it. I guess I should count my blessings I haven't had any real bad issues yet. Sorry to see the on-line community as sparce as it is. Its a fun game, maybe when they get the bugs out, we will have more ppl playing. I like this game better than GRAW by far. Oh well, just wanted to say something positive about the game and my experience with it. Damn, it IS a hog though! LOL!

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    srl give it a couple weeks. I think you'll change your tune!

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    Well, I liked GRAW at first too, and I did grow to hate it, so we'll see? I just found that after time GRAW was just to buggy to be played. I still can't join games on line with any kind success. I get dropped 3 outta 5 times with GRAW. I finally had enough of it. And the game save points in GRAW are rediculous IMO. The check points in RB6 Vegas seem more balanced (at this point anyway) if it becomes too frustrating between checkpoints, I'll simply stop plaing it. I'm 51 years old, and I have enough frustration in my life.

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    I played GRAW on a somewhat OK system, now that I have a better system, I tried it again and I couldn't get a feel for it. Call me a Gun-Blazing type of guy but walking at the speed of a turtle is not my idea of fun. Even with patch 1.35 the enemy AI seems like they can't miss you from far away and with a beretta, yet, you can't kill him with your SCAR from the same distance. Teammates AI are the box full of rock that we all want and need in life.

    Vegas was a turd for SP and even with my rig I was getting something like 15 to 20 FPS, not really a High Tech game if you ask me, I saw its potential and thank God for the community gurus and their "Tweaks", otherwise, I would have tossed it a long time ago. I am still getting a few CTD's after long time play, the save points get longer and longer the more you advance in the maps and it could get to be a bit annoying (at least playing it in REALISTIC).

    I never play MP so I can't say anything there but it appears that is where all the ruckus is about with the game. I can only imagine how much more fun the SP would be if the game was OPTIMIZED for PC.

    Terrorist Hunt is a bit whacked if you ask me (again playing it on Realistic and 50 tangos) when you are doing it by yourself and there is not enough cover to have, heck, there were times that all side were open and I could keep up with the Tangos.

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    Here you ask for this :

    Have a good one

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    ...Has anyone done a hints and tips thread?...
    You are kidding, right? Did you even bother to look at the top of the page at all the "stickies?" lol

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    Yes, but I didn't see a 'Hints and Tips' thread. Is there one that I have missed? Be so kind to help a blind man where it may be found?


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    It's called Legal - Tweaks

    That will asist you, to solve some tech.

    check the link I post above, if you haven't found it.

    Have a good day

    p.s. maybe it's getting time to retire of gaming
    lol j.k.

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    I find that "tweak" files usually the deal with improving game peformance. I'm not looking to improve my PC's performance for this game (although I can see how one could see this was my question by my comments). Just wanted to know if anyone had done a 'Hints and Tips' for general gameplay (non-technical) like one might find in a stategy guide. The manual that comes with the game is lacking.

    Oh and Halcon4, even at my ripe old age of 51, I could prolly take care of you on the battlefield, on-line. ;u)

    Just need a little time to learn the game.

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