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    Lol congrats? There are at least 2 threads devoted to the ACR beta.

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    Originally posted by Collinwood01:
    Thanks for the comments ladies and gentlemen but I was hoping to hear from someone in authority or in the know. Speculation will drive us all mad! I figured since Crowned was a forum greeter that he/she might be able to relay this question to someone in authority. Im still waiting for a definite answer. ill probably be waiting until the beta is over. lol
    The Beta is for 'select' uPlay & PS+ customers only up until the 11th

    After that date - it is available to all PSN users.

    The critiera for that 'selection' of uPlay users - is still currently unclear - however is is suggested that only current uPlay users, who have linked their PSN ID to a uPlay enabled PS3 game, will be selected.

    It may be that not ALL uPlay users get it, since if you have not linked to a PS3 - many Beta keys maybe lost /unused.

    I am trying to get clarification on this - before people start buying games and linking them - there may have been already a cut off point.

    Locking thread - now you have found the beta forum.

    For others - it's linked to at the top of the page in any of the AC forums..

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