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    Well, I don't believe Pacific Fighters had securom, that was the European version of 1946 that had the securom issue. You can't update Pacific Fighters with the new patches anyway, go pick up Il2:1946 for about $7-$9 and you'll be very happy you did.

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    Been thinking of getting a new computer and as a result Win 7 What is the problem people are having with IL2 & Win 7?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gothkrieger View Post
    Been thinking of getting a new computer and as a result Win 7 What is the problem people are having with IL2 & Win 7?
    There are three possible issues:
    1. In the markets where the game ships with Securerom copy protection, the version of Securerom on the disk is not campatible with Win7. You need to go to the link listed early in this thread and download a Win7 compatible version. If you have a US version of the disk this may not be an issue as copy protection was not on the disks printed in the US. Note that some suppliers in the US sourced their stock from Europe so obtaining the disk in the US is not a guarantee that there will be no copy protection.
    2. The autorun option probably wont work. You'll need to navigate to the disk and run a.exe to install the game.
    3. If you install in the default location (c:\program files\ubisoft\il2sturmovik) Win7 protects the files in a manner that prevents updating the configuration settings. You need to install outside the Program Files folder for trouble free operation.

    All of this is covered in detail earlier in this thread.

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    Sounds like it should not be too much trouble. Bought my IL2 on EBay quite a while ago, never had to have CD in drive to be able to boot program, I am pretty sure its not a European version of the game. Think I read here and other places that if I have an external drive to copy the complete install off old computer that I will be able to copy the entire exsisting game, mods etc over to the new Win7 computer and be set to go again. Is that correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FritzGryphon View Post
    For me, on step 2, it said the log file was corrupt, and couldn't update.

    On the fourth try, it worked. So don't give up.
    I'm trying to run the securom diagnostic tool, but I also am getting an error on step 2 that says "The server received a corrupt analysis log file. Please repeat the analysis process." Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've tried it about 10 times with no change.

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    Another problem is the UBI download version 0f 1946 and yes it does require a code to activate because it uses some activemark copy protection. Problem with this crap version is their copy protection was made to activate on a very old version of Internet explorer...hell it wont even activate on my GF's old XP laptop. Their terrible copy protection keeps telling you your not connected to the internet so it can't activate your game. UBI tells me to call them for support and they refuse to answer emails. Their "fixes" on their tech support don't work either. The starforce fix does not work on this because its not using starforce....

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    Hello all

    I have a new Dell desktop and a 5600 series Radeon latest version. Windows 7 of course ..I have the IL2 Sturmovik 1946 5 games in one ubisoft multidisk version that played swell on my xp computer that I bought at Frys. Now no matter how I load it and no matter what I try be it info from this thread windows web site loads from autorun and install from a.exe but every time comes up the same ......moved to right and only green 'training' ****on shows at bottom...mouse disappears....and I have to click esc and then enter to get out of game..intro works....and can hear music...It has been installed in every way you can think of and bottom line is I miss my game

    so there

    stumped in Vegas

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    Hi guys, I've just bought a shiny new 'puter, with loads of drive space, running Windows seven. I'm already sick of shoot 'em ups and missing my Sturmovik.

    My DVD doesn't want to load/install, as per this thread.

    So the big question is, if I buy a download Il-2 1946 from Ubisoft, will it run on Windows 7 without all the faffing around? Or will I still have to go through all the rigmarole above?

    A tenner seems pretty reasonable if it'll avoid all that hassle...

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    Dont bother with a download from Ubi. Create a folder OUTSIDE of windows programs and install to that. There is an official noCD patch try looking at mission4today. Simples.

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    Cheers DD. I've tried that, but I can't get the game to load/run from the folder. Does it matter what I call it? Would it help/make things much harder if I saved the file on my other drive?

    That £10 download's looking pretty good at the mo' !

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