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    Obviously not a lot is known about the faction but take a look at these pictures which I'm sure after seeing them you will agree that it is more than we would have gotten in 6 months of 'picture of the day'.

    Definitely the coolest town/castle of all.

    I'm very happy about the introduction of a new original faction and couldn't care less that the other traditional towns aren't in the vanilla release because we don't simply need a reskin of heroes every few years. We need changes and new ideas.

    That is not to say I don't want the other factions back in the expansions, just that the changes are so good and dramatic I can live without them.

    This faction is my favourite.


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    I like the looks of this new faction very much, pleasantly surprised

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    This faction is my favorite.
    wont be able to say for sure till I play it, but from what I saw so far, it is probably going to be my favorite as well.

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    I think we got what we wanted... water based faction... it looks very good... i am also happy... Heroes 6 looks like it could be the best Heroes of its series... it would however need at least 4 more factions and RMG in the end.

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    I am very pleased as well. Fresh new units to explore an enjoy. I love that they are a water faction.

    However I am happy that they are keeping some of the old traditional factions, re-skinned or not I like to see the old with the new, If not then it feels like a different game.

    Great job dev team! and that artist(s) doing the art work needs a big pay RAISE! A true feel of mysticism and aquatic feel I get when I see the artwork (all of it not just the units). I sure hope the team working on the game has equally as skilled story tellers for the campaign(s).

    If the AI is good and challenging for the pros ( I am not one sad to say just a player). Then I have no doubt this will be game of the year with very high quality expansions to come as a result.

    Time will tell but looks like it is on a very good path so far.

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    Reskinned factions? That's a funny thing to say given that they play much different from last time.

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    Originally posted by Elementalist.:
    Reskinned factions? That's a funny thing to say given that they play much different from last time.
    I didn't say they were reskinned, I said I didn't WANT reskinned factions.

    I'm ecstatic that we have a new original champion unit for Necros. I love the Lamasu...I like all the unit changes because they do feel different.

    What I'm saying is that the purists would have us using every faction from H3 with the same lineup just with improved graphics ( lol actually a lot of the purists still want d2 :S:S:S:S ).

    I think that the changes are so good to the lineups that a lot of the older factions will play like a new faction and that feeling of freshness is great.

    Not to mention the gameplay changes.....but this thread isn't for d!**'s for talking about the sanctuary faction.

    If I thought the game was a reskin....I wouldn't be posting here.


    Unless you were referrring to tarpons which case I'll shut the hell up...


    WHo knows, we will probably have at least 3 more factions by the games end...I doubt they'd leave either of the elven factions of Academy out.

    Fingers crossed for 2 expansions with 2 factions in each

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    Faction look really amazing,i just love theyr Champ.Maybe even new favourite faction but i hope seeing academy in expansions.Hmm also do you heared the idea of all units buffing one? I guess this will be cool..IN later game,what about early game with 2-3 core units?

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    Relax, just saying Everyone has his own wishes for heroes and it's a shame to see certain people disappointed with original ideas like this faction or traditional faction redesigns. Anyways it's probably a fair guess to say that the classic factions will be returning, I'm sure ubi knows better than that I'm very eager to see how those will be under a fresh point of view, be it design or gameplay. Hell I'd even like to see the dwarves return sometime.

    Now about sanctuary, I very much enjoy the artistic direction and philosophy/feel of the faction. Perhaps it takes the game a step farther from the traditional European medieval theme but I see it more like a decision that complements than contradict the heroes universe. Aliens and high-tech would shake off my immersion, this one only invites me to take a dive and see what's new to discover Gameplay-wise it sounds pretty different to what we've seen so far so it may not be everyone's cup of tea, still I like the idea. Worth noting that people are mistaking Erwan's words to mean that sanctuary is the kind of offensive faction that depends on focused fire. That's a stretch really, the nagas are geared towards defense, support and outmaneuvering their opponents. Reckless offense is for the orcs

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    The screen with the castle siege view is mind blowing, I love that the entire interior is water and lily pads etc.

    I saw a gameplay video that showed a battle on that terrain out in the adventure map and it looked awesome, the castle screen is just as amazing too. No more boring battles on generic terrain.


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