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    we have all seen the trailer and here are the first images and a preview....


    i love the bia series and im a fan since the first one,gearbox you are a huge dissapointment
    i dont mind the games idea but i hate the game because it ruins the bia series

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    Although this will seem trolly I would just like to comment that there's the exact same thread title right below you're one... you're reason for not posting in that is...?

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    i started a new thread because in the article there are the first images and a preview of the game so i started a new thread so that it will attract more attension.

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    Guys, I can that many of you are not happy about the announcement of this title, however - the game is some time away, and remember it is a different type of game [for what ever reason]

    It's a bit harsh to make comments about a game so little is known about.. so lets keep the trolling out of the forum.

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    Here is a easy fix if it is not part of the BIA series then don't use BIA then we would not have this problem.

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    Mr Shade.
    Many people that are into the BIA games are like me, I think, older gamers with an interest in ww2. The first two bia games were just brilliant chunks of history, we could play out what the 100 1st did. I went to normandy and stood at dead mans corner then booted up the psp that night and played the mission. Brilliant.
    I have been wishing for a BIA HD remake and you turn up to the bia party with a pile of crap like this then people are going to be upset. After seeing that trailer I gave up. Oh well. The end of bia imo.

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