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    I am very upset.

    After several freezes and disc-errors on the Xbox360 (never had any problems before whatsoever), and now at about 75% of the main story, the save game broke.

    AC gives a message, which tells me the only save game that is uses is broke, and recommends to start a new game (and of course overwrite the broken save game).

    This is redicoulous. If you can program a nice message for broken save games, you can do something about the problem ?
    Like let the players save wnenever they want, in multiple slots to avoid those problems ?

    Over 3 days of playing, gone in 5 seconds.

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    Ouch, that sucks. I'm glad stuff like this never happens to me. =(

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    The thing this really highlights is the sort of wonky save game situation in the game. Maybe I'm thick and am not fighting through the UI but as best I can tell I can't save at any point and I don't appear to have the ability to reload at any point. The manual doesn't mention anything.

    I'd love to be able to save before I try an assassination so I can try various ways of pulling it off -- or if things don't go just right I can try it again. My kill of the Hospitalier got very messy and wasn't a smooth example of the way of the Assasin but, as best I can tell, I can't revist that effort.

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    Originally posted by robatubisoft:
    Ouch, that sucks. I'm glad stuff like this never happens to me. =(
    *robat goes to play AC... "save game broken." *

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    I started over

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    i got an error where iv lost like 2 days of work just because i havnt done an assassination since, it said it *saved* atleast 30 times since but its reset to the beginning of the assassination, 2 days ago, 45 sub missions ago.

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