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    Recently, I bought a new computer, and I would like to install SH5. I used to play SH5 all the time on my old computer, so after I uninstalled it on my old one and tried to install it on my new computer, it asks me for the CD key. Why? I have already given the CD key on my old PC. So when I type it, in, it says CD Key is in use!! But sometimes it even says Incorrect CD key. Please Help!!

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    Make sure you use your original login name and password when re-installing the game. Other users may have better information. If no joy on this forum then contact Ubi support and open a support ticket.

    Speaking of original name, etc...duplicate accounts are not authorized on this forum. You have two. Please choose one and report back either in this thread or via PM. If no response recieved the newest account will be suspended.


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    SH5. same problem - can not reinstall a game after upgrading a notebook. as far as I can remember (and mail archive tells) I had only this account on ubi. pls help.

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    Hello real_sergeych,

    Make sure when you log in you use the same user name and password as you did when you first installed SH5.
    If you have tried this and still no luck you could contact Ubi Support here and tell them you are having problems logging in.

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