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    I have wondered since the game was anounced to be from 18+. Will there be a gore-switch?

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    I have wondered since the game was anounced to be from 18+. Will there be a gore-switch?

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    Don't think so. Unless you have children and plan on letting them get the game, does it really matter?

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    Yes it matters!(my parents r crazy about recomdations) They think that the game is going to turn me in to some kinda maniac

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    Most past games published by UbiSoft have had this option. BIA might also have this option. If not, here's a tip. Talk to them about how historically accurate it is, and that it accurately portrays war. I don't know, it worked for me.

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    Tell them it will be a delightful and interesting learning experience. That will enlighten your knowledge of the "Last Great War" and the sacrifices of the men that fought in it. And by taking out the gore, it will only hinder and make the experience less accurate,authentic. And also, by taking out gore/blood. It would be shying away from the truth.

    Print this up and show it to your parents.
    good luck

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    i dont think so but say to your parents how historicly accurate it is (as listed above) and that it could be very educational and some other stuff

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    Oh for crying out loud! It really irks me when parents are so easily influenced by ****-sources such as the ones that claim video games have a violent affect on children. There is nothing at ALL that proves this. The only thing similar that has been proven along these lines is operant conditioning which only shows that it would make one less likely to hesitate to counter a physical threat (even such as taking down an armed robber). Although there is a LITTLE evidence to show that first person shooters can lead to operant conditioning (which I [nor the military who are beginning to really implement video game training simulations] don't think of in negative terms) it does not make one more likely to commit violence, but more likely to readily move in self-defense were violence forced upon them.

    And yes, show your parents everything you can about the game (with the possible exception of actual footage of gore). No need to veil anything as I think this game would be a great educational tool and was created with all due respect for those it involves.

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    I think some kids may be influenced by videogame violence, but they have something wrong with them to begin with. There are somethings that kids shouldn't be exposed to. I don't think historical conflicts fit into that category. It's good for parents to be involved and protective over their kids, but I think they should judge whether their child is old enough to play certain games for themselves and not to buy in to what ESRB says their kid is old enough to play. Humans are individuals, and cannot be regulated based only upon their age.

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    i think its only natural that parents worry about certain videogames,im assuming your under 18,anyway i think BIA is more historically correct and respectful than gta sa {i bought my brothers son gta SA,wish i had not now... }

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