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    P-51B Berlin Express 357thFG, 363rdFS. Lt. William B. Overstreet. Serial# 43-24823 B6*s was assigned to Bud Anderson as Old Crow. Reassigned to Overstreet then renamed.

    This skin is intended for the 51C for the malcom hood.
    left side

    right side

    as always comments welcome. click my link to get it.


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    Hello WarWolfe,

    I am a huge fan of the 357th FG. They are my favorite FG of WWII. However,I don't think this particular scheme is correct. Only the upper half of the aircraft was OD. The D-Day stripes on the fuselage should wrap all the way around the fuselage. All the codes should be black (the B6). The serial number isn't correct (should be 2103 309). Your also missing the locomotive above the rear exhaust ports. There is a few other things I believe arn't correct.

    I would love to see you references for this scheme. But according to Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson's website show's a different profile of "Berlin Express". It's a great website with information & profiles of the 357th FG. I reccommend bookmarking it. But please don't take this the wrong way. I would just like to see what information you have for this scheme. Excellent work none-the-less! =S=

    357th Fighter Group

  3. #3 I checked here to make sure serial was correct, 26th up from bottom. the one you refer to is a P-51C and is here and is 24th down from top. My refrence says there was 3 P-51s to carrie this name, B,C,and D models. The D is also father down. As for my source to the scheme is a book of 51 profiles, my scanner being sh*t I can't get it to scan. I first found the scheme here Knowing that some things can be wrong I did a fair amount of research

    What may have you thrown you was the 51C, the AC is a 51B with malcom hood. I've called it the C so you get the malcom hood feature. in our sim the 2 are the same just the canopy is not the same.

    I understand no need to think I would freak.

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    Very Nice Work!

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    Hello WarWolfe,

    My bad! I miss read what you typed. I thought it was the "C" model you did. I must be tired to read that wrong (1am Est US). My apologies.

    I did double check the serial number,and well its not correct on the skin shown above. You got 324 283 on the skin & on "LittleFriends" its 324 823. So you may want to update it.

    May I ask which book you have that has profiles for the Mustang? I am interested in possibly purchasing it. Keep up the excellent work! =S=

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    Warwolfe, I think you did an exceptional job! The colour tones look great, and yellow is very difficult to get right, which IMO you did very well. I'm just happy there are folks like you who dedicate their time to provide our community with these beautiful works of art. Keep up the great work! Prost!

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    Squirral, I've sevreal books on the 51, "P51 in Action" a squadron signal book, "Pilot and plane series #5 P-51" Histoire Collections, "Combat Legend P-51 Mustang" plus more that are spread out in other books that are genrel topic type books.

    One thing I might say about the Squadron books or their products in generl, is that their photos are top of the line but when it comes to correct decals and profiles they fall off the chart, not to be trusted to much in that area.

    @ Rudi Thanks. I enjoy every minute of skinning, glad that others enjoy them as well.

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