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Thread: How do you think Ezio died in Assassin's Creed: Embers? **SPOILERS** | Forums

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    How do you think Ezio died in Assassin's Creed: Embers? **SPOILERS**

    after watching the video, i think that the most logical reason my ezio died is of a heart attack. But when you look closely, the man grabs ezios hand. Correct me if im wrong, but it looks like there is a hidden blade in the mans wrist. i think that he poisoned him with the hidden blade when he touched his hand. Then when ezio turns around and looks at the man, the body language seems like the man was saying something like, "yes. i just poisoned you" what do you think??

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    No, it was a heart attack. Gabe Graziani confirmed that the guy was a nobody.

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    Yeah he died of old age in my mind, He did not get poisoned. He was feeling like he was about to die already, thats why he started the letter and that. Ezios story is over they are not building up mysteries for him now.

    Except for dlc wich will propably take place way before embers!

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    while ezio's waving to sofia and his daughter and the guy walks past, he has a templer Insignia on his wrist, i doubt it was a hidden blade, but i think he did poison him, if u have the video just watch carefully as the guys going to sit down, other then that, i think hes nobody at all, but i do think he poison ezio, and the italian thing the dude says is "Have courage old man" which makes me beleive that he did kill him even more, but im not sure.

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    You guys do realize that the man who sat down next to him was for a fact a Templar...

    They doesn't mean he necessarily killed him, but watch as the man walks infront of Ezio and proceeds to sit down...

    Listen carefully...
    On the INSIDE of his RIGHT arm is a Templar logo, around the area an Assassin would have a hidden blade.

    That is all we know about that man, I didn't notice him poison or do anything to Ezio, but if you pay attention they make a connection when the Templar grabs Ezio's hand. To me Ezio looked like he had a moment of "realization" while looking at him, then the Templar kind of closes his eyes and nods his head, like they both agreed or just came to understand something together.

    My thoughts are Ezio somehow previously knew this man, and didn't remember it at first, hence the realization.
    Or Ezio just realized he had been poisoned.
    Or Ezio just realized he was a Templar, and had a perfectly-timed unrelated natural death 1 second later as the man just leaves.

    It's obvious he wasn't nobody, but it's not obvious who he was. But the way the man was in, and out, and Ezio was alive, and dead... was somewhat odd.

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    The guy was not a Templar....

    His whole reason for being there was to show how Ezio's life had come full circle. The young man was created to be a near perfect mirror image of Ezio himself at that age.

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    He had a Templar logo on his wrist but he's not a Templar? Mhm....

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    Ezio died of a Heart Attack, But I think that man was a Templar, Perhaps a Spy, And when Ezio Had his Heart attack, The man Grabbed his wrist, to show some kindness in death, And looks at Ezio like "We won, You were too old, and now your time is up" But Ezio had that Blank expression cus, Well, His Heart just stopped, He aint gonna be like "Hehe i'm dying, derp"

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    Originally posted by Animuses:
    No, it was a heart attack. Gabe Graziani confirmed that the guy was a nobody.
    Why would they bother putting a templar cross on the underside of his arm? He wasn't a nobody, he was there to confuse us even more, they knew it would bring up more theories when they decided to put him in the movie.

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    Finally people understand. I didn't think anyone would be... um... "special" enough to think the guy with a Templar logo isn't a Templar.

    Thats like, "Oh that guy with black skin... hes not black" Wtf kind of logic is this?

    I swear some people just don't think...

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