Thread: How do you think Ezio died in Assassin's Creed: Embers? **SPOILERS** | Forums

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    I think it was an heart attack. Earlier he had this pain in his chest. Therefore he wrote his memories/diary. Nothing mysterious. He died of old age.
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    first of all there is no templar insignia on his wirst I watch ember and paused that part where ezio waving his hand towards sofia and that guy came
    I paused and watch his right hand carefully and there was no templar logo it was just his wirst band came across to each other which make it look like a templar logo but it is not
    dont listen to people saying "oh he is a templar he poisoned him" it was confimed by ubisoft that ezio died because of heart attack not by a fanmade templar
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    I don't know, Ezio looks so peaceful, I think his heart just stopped working, he dosed off and lost consciousness and died. It does not look like a painful heart attack at all to me.
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