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Thread: How do you think Ezio died in Assassin's Creed: Embers? **SPOILERS** | Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by BATISTABUS View Post

    Maybe they couldn't find him? Maybe they had already tried to go after him multiple times, yet failed? We know Achilles had some men going after him. Ezio was old and kind of losing his touch, but I think this was a rational fear. Haven't you ever seen Kill Bill? xD
    I have, but Ezio`s been in Tuscany for about 10 years. 10 years and they couldn't find him ? They did not even kill him at his home, but in does that make any sense ? xD Even if the Templars knew he was indeed a threat because he trained Shao Jun, I think they would`v known better. In his old age he thrashed 3 Elite Chinese Guards and a brute....You think the Templars would send just one young Templar to take him out ??

    Bill ? Bastard was always on the move
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    Quote Originally Posted by Assassin_M View Post
    You think the Templars would send just one young Templar to take him out ??
    Apparently. Stealth always prevails =P
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    he was poised by the guy had hidden blade
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    Quote Originally Posted by AhmedTelb07 View Post
    he was poised by the guy had hidden blade
    Where do you see any hidden blade?s Right, nowhere. You're seeing things that are not there. Also UbiGabe confirmed in a recent podcast that the guy is a nobody and that ezio died because of a heart attack.
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    ezio's death

    I believe ezio realized life came full circle good game though (the "nobody"s nod and blink was him saying it's ok to die now).
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    Ezio death

    Everyone seems to focus on the man being a part of ezios life and perhaps even tge reason for his death but I do not believe so. Ezios story began in that very city he got that scar on his cheek immediately in to the second game and began his career as an assassin from there. I believe ezio saw the scar on that young face heard the talk of women, and of roma (remembering where he'd been) and figuratively saw himself in the boy. Hence was the look of for who the boy was that may not be so insignificant perhaps like ezip he was indeed ready to set out on his own story the red cross we see on his wrist seems to symbolise he was templar in allegiance....also he showed up at the right time just as ezip was near his hand. Perhaps another subject ? 18 19 20 working for the templars attempting to gain secrets from ezios last moments. Who knows I suppose we never will although I am fairly confident the first part of this video and the man him self was symbolic of a younger ezio.
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    I dunno through just being old I guess ... that's always what I thought
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    Remember way back in AC 2 when Ezio fought with Vieri and answered Vieri's taunt with his own about handling Vieri's sister? I doubt a 17 year old back then knew anything about birth control, so there could have been a child from that union. A child raised by Templars who would have been influenced by Vieri and would have had reason to want to avenge his mother's honor. The mystery Templar man in Embers looks to me like he could have been related to Vieri, because I see some resemblance in him to both Ezio and Vieri. He also has at least one scar simular to Ezio's. Also just remembering my history lessons, the Italians from that time period were very good with poisons. Maybe slow acting ones added to a bottle of wine, only the poisoner would ultimately have wanted Ezio to recognize the person who had finally ended his life, and may have administered a final dose by needle there at the end. It would also explain why the guy seems to have some assassin traits too. Particularly if he knew Ezio was the assassin father who had messed up his mothers life. After all, at the end Ezio looked at him with a particularly odd shocked look like he recognized him. He saw both himself and Vieri embodied in this guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreshPrinceoba3 View Post
    after watching the video, i think that the most logical reason my ezio died is of a heart attack. But when you look closely, the man grabs ezios hand. Correct me if im wrong, but it looks like there is a hidden blade in the mans wrist. i think that he poisoned him with the hidden blade when he touched his hand. Then when ezio turns around and looks at the man, the body language seems like the man was saying something like, "yes. i just poisoned you" what do you think??

    It was chest infection that progressed and broiught on a heart attack ! No templar Conspiracy here .

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