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    Hey Ubisoft,
    I've been trying to access Uplay through my Assassin's Creed 2 game on a Playstation 3, however I've been receiving a message "The Uplay Server is not available at this time. Please try again later."

    I've tried accessing at different times in the day, but the same message appears.
    My internet access is Satellite Broadband, coming through a router with wireless and cable access options. The PS3 accesses via wireless.
    And I’m trying to access from Australia, NSW.

    (I don’t have any problem accessing Playstation store, and I can access Uplay Via PC)
    Also is there a way to download the PS3 extra content via PC and install it through a portable device?
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    Hi and welcome to the forums

    This is a problem a few have encountered, you will need to contact tech support who can hopefully help you gain access. Their direct weblink is in my signature

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    I have the same problem since a week after Assassin's Creed 2 came out. Also PS3 version.

    Still can't connect to Uplay on AC2

    I bought AC Brotherhood on PS3 and I can connect to Uplay on that game without problems, so it's a problem in AC2 i think, not my internet.

    I contacted tech support a lot but still no fix for it.

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    From the main menu I try to go to Uplay, hasn't worked not once. AC2 on Mac.

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    Unacceptable DRM

    Ubisoft does not see me as à legit user, something they should care about.

    The reason I say this, is the fact that there servers have been down again, not for a little while but for hours at the time.

    There has been many complaints about this DRM protection that they have implemented, but the way they deal with there customers when things go down, is way not acceptable, for me as a legit licence holder.

    how can it be that if you implement a obligation to login on a server there is no backup server in case of down time?

    Worst even everything at ubisoft was down, website, forum, DRM servers everything, there home page just states that there down, untill a time that they change every time.

    The only thing that we can do is not to accept this and stop using ubisoft products, untill they are taking the legit user serious, the only one that could play where the pirates, and not THE paying customers, and that is a big FAIL.

    I understand that piracy have to be stoped, but this way it stops the legit, users, not the pirates.

    Untill there is a solution to let legit users, use there bought product, I will stop using ubisoft software, will be negative on there products, on other forums, to friend, other users, until it is clear, that ubisoft will take there paying customers serious again.

    there CRM is so arrogant, it even made me write this one hour post, because as non english, it takes some time to get things right.

    If anybody likes to comment please do, or is it just me who is angry about this DRM?

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    It doesn't process my achievements or give me my rewards, etc. Nothing.

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    same here cannot access the uplay server via xbox live

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    I just bought assassins creed 2 on xbox 360 and im getting same uplay error?

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    Wow Im having the same problem.

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    Yeah, I registered to UPlay and gained access right after that. Then I figured out I can exchange my points for a reward. Unfortunately I can't login again, it says "can't receive information from Ubisoft server" or smth like that.
    I have english X360 version

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