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    This was posted in another thread but I thought I would give it a new thread.

    This was posted by kenvoss -

    "... some kindly soul over at the SH5 forum has put together this Quick Guide to the game:"

    Click here to check it out.

    This should be a big help in getting you into the game.

    The web site subsim has additional information about SH5.

    A main list of Silent Hunter topics is in the Subsim Radio Room

    If you are interested in Mods they have a topic called SH5 Mod Guide for Beginners

    Another place is SH5 Mods Workshop

    Another web site that has SH5 information is

    Silent Hunter Mods Forum

    They have a section titled Silent Hunter 5 Mods

    also a topic called Venatore's SHV Mod Bunker

    Happy hunting!
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