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    To make it easier to track Bugs/Issues that are specific to the EndWar ToW mode, please post here.

    Try and give us as much detail as you can, since it will make it easier for us to help out. Faction, Map Name, Game Mode etc will all be helpful.

    Thanks all.

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    Faction - SGB
    Maps - Mahilyow, Brenner Pass, Copenhagen
    Mode - Conquest (2v2)

    Basically what I said in my earlier post. I've been getting booted out of games, I get the experience and credits usually, between 30 seconds to 4 or 5 minutes to the end. It's only happened when my team is winning, which it usually is. This happened the last 6 games I've played in, last night and today, and it's really, really annoying.

    If I need to be more specific, please let me know and I will try to get more specific.

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    Thats fantastic SYN3RGYS2K. The more detail we have, it will make it easier to see patterns and then the developers can work on those issues quickly.

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    one problem i had was when i started playing ToW and i had to choose a faction. Russia was offering a credit bonus so i picked them, but i never got it. i just had the default starting amount(whatever it was)

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    When my units are killed they are replaced by units of the same name.

    For example: I have four tank squads with the name Mammoth.

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    I was playing a match last night and midway through one of my artillery units dissapeared and I had control of an enemy transport deep inside their base.

    I was Russia and I had a European transport. I used it to kill their own units.

    Also, sometimes I don't get my credits.

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    Faction - SGB
    Map - Leaderboard?
    Mode - N/A

    Alright I have a second problem. I've noticed this from the start, but I figured it would handle itself in time. Here are my statistics according to the Barracks: 9 Casualties, 387 Hostiles Defeated, 43 Battles Fought and 38 Battles Won. First, I only remember losing twice. Second, the leaderboard tells me that I've only played 19 games. Some kind of fix for this would also be nice.

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    hi there do you no how to concect the headset that came with the game to the console please

    many thanks

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    It seems that after a battle, when Im told about what promotions Ive earned and what credits Ive earned, nothing gets credited to me after I leave the after battle report screen, the promotions and credits just disappear. This has happened both when I win and lose, and in different maps around the USA.

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    Like I mentioned in my last post I am having connection issues with TOW.

    My faction is SGB and I am using a PS3. These issues have occured with just about every map my faction has been able to participate in it seems.

    Since my last post it seems to have gotten worse now. Before I would be able to play one game before the connection issues would show up but now there seems like it's able to happen on the first go around as well.

    Basically what happens is that I get past the unit selection screen and the minute I get on the map I get the "enemy has left the battlefield" message or I get completly disconnected from the PSN network or it thinks I need to check the connection or I get the Endwar servers arn't up message. A clear indicator I have now that it won't work is that when I'm at the unit selection screen I am unable to change the units. I also get credits for the "Hostile has left the battle" games despite nothing happening.

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