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    Hi Im new to the game multiplayer anyway, just a quick one why cant I see anyone on my rdar bottom left of screen is this normal for online play? thx

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    Yes, it is normal. However, in team games you can see where your teamates are.

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    You need to find the binoculars. Many FFA maps have them to pick up. Then you can use them like in single player with sound and radar tag.
    In mp_monkeybay, they are on a box in the middle of the walkway over the water. Look right and down when you are at the monkey statue.
    In mp_radio there are two pair of binocs. One in the turret with the M4 and the other on boxes stacked near the central building near the fence.

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    Thx all will try my best, but after coming on line for first time man what a shock, getting *** kicked real just one more quick one , the sniper riffle doesnt seem to have sights how do you use properly , thx

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    To get the sniper sight up press the right mouse button.

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