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Thread: A fix for the Flashlight on Nvidia 8 Series Cards... Seriously... | Forums

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    I'm @ work so I'll try to explain as best as possible...
    A friend showed me this trick... Why he hasnt posted it here... I dont know but He should've... It would only increase competitive play and possible bring some old school players back.

    This worked for me and I have Windows Vista, an Nvidia 8600

    3d Analyzer 2.36

    go to the splinter cell chaos theory -->Versus-->System Folder

    Change the name of
    SCCT_Versus.exe --> SCCT_Versus.bak

    Change the name of
    SCCT_Versus.ex --> SCCT_Versus.exe

    Load the new SCCT_Versus.exe file into the 3d analyzer program.

    Check off all the boxes I marked in <span class="ev_code_RED">Red</span>

    Click Save Batch File (Located on the Bottom of 3d Analyzer)
    Name it whatever you want, save it in the Versus/System Folder

    Click "Run"

    and your Flashlight and ambient lighting will be better...

    I'll be honest... I'm seeing shadows I never remember seeing with my ATI Radeon 9500... Like in Club House as a spy I always heard about shadows by the computer but never seen them like this...

    Thank You to the guy who showed this to me... If I missed anything I apologize, I will try to correct it when I get home. Or the guy that told me may post it here...

    I formatted my drive because my PC was giving me an incredible amount of problems. I want to reinstall the game but cant find the CD. I may look for it tonight and reinstall the game. I hope to play tonight with my flashlight. Beware, I'm a better mrec now that I know how to play with and without my light
    This may work with ATI cards... I'm not sure... but give it a shot and confirm it here... spread the news I dont care for credit, I just think everyone should know so we have more competitive players come back... not these noobs that I'm forced to play with and against... also I'm tired of 7 player nights

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    Hey Digi!
    Didnt even knew you were here at the forums!

    Btw. this fix worked for my mate Erimit and he got Vista and an ATI.
    But the funny thing about it was, that he got problems with his mouse when using this fix.
    No idea why?!?

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    I wouldnt know, I didnt make it...
    I come to the forums every so often, just to peek, see if I can answer anything for people.

    I'll try to get on tonight after I take my kids out

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    Now it all works fine for him!
    Dunno what he did, but it is perfect now.

    Maybe we will be online tonight, too.

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    i have posted this fix already in the other thread

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    for all those who use xfire, and who also have the problem of the light from the flashlight,
    once solved this problem, they will realize that xfire does not work while playing a SCCT.
    Below'm going to try and explain how you can make it work both (I have to say that if this
    works is thanks to my friend predalien23).
    The first step is to copy the original files scct_versus.ex and scct_versus.exe and paste
    them into another new directory (on the desktop for example),
    then they apply the patch as they say in the post these files copied to the desktop,
    once it creates the batch file, right click to open and edit, at the end of the line of text,
    it must change .exe for .ex ,the changes are saved. Finally must restore the original files
    (unchanged) to the directory versus, in this way the patch is applied or batch file to the
    original and detects xfire.
    both my friend and I have Windows Vista, and a graphic GForce 8xxx, and both see the light
    of the lantern and we can chat with xfire in game.
    Only have to run the batch to be able to do both, if you start from SCCT xfire does not work,
    I hope that helps.
    Again to thank my friend predalien23 and forgiveness for any errors, my English is very bad and
    I used the translator of google.

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    the link i posted on the other topic explains how to fix that, seriously some ppl need to read before writing

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    I ask forgiveness, my intention was not bad, just intended to help, we should not take it the wrong way

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    of course not, its good that there are ppl willing to help, i wasnt bashing you i just said ppl should read more before posting because that info was already posted somewhere else on the forums

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    thank you so much, this helped me out alot.

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