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    Finally fixed the problem. Going into the Steam menu I right clicked on Far Cry 2, selected "Properties" and clicked, "Verify Integrity of Cache..." After selecting that, Steam found a problem and fixed it. So any Steam or other folk downloading from other pay sites, that may be worth a try. Unfortunately, Steam didn't explain exactly what was wrong with the cache nor what it did to fix it, but that might point those wiser than myself regarding computers in the right direction.

    Again, thanks for all the help guys (and perhaps gals as well). Now I'm going to go run around like a lunatic with my flame thrower and machine gun.


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    I have downloaded farcry2 on a laptop but it plays you cant see nothing. maybe its the settings but I cant see nothing, please help it anyone knows. Thanks.

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    I can't grab the Med Kit
    I've re-mapped the keys to no avail, it comes up with a dialog box to save game or continue without saving, it's nothing like the Quick Save F5 or F6 dialog.
    Sure would like to get out of that room, and ideas ?

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    One thing is not to have the game settings too high. Turn off shadows if that is there, thats a problem. If setting have auto loaded as Very high or ultra high, downgrade them, it makes little difference to the game, aso downgrade the res, high is not always best.

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    OOH am I ever glad I've NEVER tried Vista or Win7. This game WAS made for Win XP. I've never had these problems nor have I had any Vista/Win7 problems for some of the newer games.

    Bill and Company really saw some of you coming.

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    I have run FC2 via vista and Win 7 with almost no problem. The major problem is with Nvidia drivers now. I changed to AMD card, now no problems.

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    What's a good way to hack FC2 to bypass this stupid DRM? I have my DVD that I purchased back when it came out, I have the stupid f'ing CD-Key on the stupid f'ing DVD insert guide, and it won't let me activate this POS. If I can't play fairly I want to cheat and beat this stupid DRM.

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    You got stuck because of a known script error in that tutorial part of Far Cry 2.

    Instead, try to Pick up only 1 gun. Try not to use h key to heal yourself, use e key to interact or LB click to get Styrettes from Medkit on wall. If all that still doesn't work.. simply restart with a New Story, making sure to SAVE with the case on blue shelf before walking out of room and getting weapons and Medkit items.

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    stuck on menu screens

    just downloading the patch.. hers hoping it works..1,0,4

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