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    Hi, i have a AMD Thoroughbred 2.4, Mother Abit KX7-333, GeForce MX 440 64DDR, 512 ram ddr. Of course, HoMMV wont run on my computer...

    *Supported Video Cards at Time of Release
    NVIDIAâ® GeForce" 3/4/FX/6 families (GeForce 4 MX NOT supported)

    It says at time of release.. by experience, would you say that eventually a patch will be available?? or that the video card is kinda old?? ... so i run to the store to get something better xD
    Thanks a lot, Tyler.

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    That's exactly the thing nobody know. I guess even they cause they would tell. Perhaps in future patches...
    The only way the game may run on your computer is 3danalyze.

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    3danalyze?? May i request a little bit more info??
    Im 100% positive that the .Iso is ok.. its a Version that's verified and working (tnx unreal), a friend of mine tested it with a Radeon 9800.. and it works just fine..

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    You can get the 3danalyze program here:
    Extract it somewhere and try runing the game with the TnL & Shader caps on.
    Try to remove the last sentece cause this thread will be closed otherwise.

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    Downloaded the 3danalyzer, marked "force SW TnL" and "AntiDetect mode : shaders" and it stopped defragging the textures and stuff..
    What happens now : now there are no problems in the game introduction or the menu.. but :
    I select campaign, 1rst one, play. Appears the screen with the "Loading Bar" , and when it gets to the end, crashhh application exception :
    Software exception 0xc0000094 address 0x005862e1.
    Guess its one of those that will be fixed in a patch

    Really appreciate the help anyway unreal.. at least now i can see the menu, and im not giving up, ill continue changing values to the 3d analyzer until HoMMV can be played in this computer..

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    Everybody whose game closes during loading screen should try to use this exe file.

    If you have problem with downloading it from rapidshare, i've uploaded it to depositfiles.

    when you click this link, new window will open where you have to wait till 25 seconds count down, after that the link to file will appear, but this link will be covered by pop up window, just close it and click the link.

    Please write here if it works or not


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    Excellent. In combination of 3danalyzer (shaders and TnL turned off) , and the updated patch from the dentist, it works... the game still has a couple of bugs, and its not stable.. but its playable.. and by the way, i have the Spanish Version.. so spread the word, it works for the spanish V. also...

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    Outstanding! It even worked with my old old ATI Radeon 7500 graphics card:-)

    If youâ´re ever in Denmark Iâ´ll buy you a beer:-)

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    Actually, with the file dentist posted (all credis to him)you could run the game even on gf2 (tested). But without pixel shader support some objects and castels will appear wrong, so you will not experience all the beauty of HoMM V.

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